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Thursday, June 13, 2024 15:25
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‘Generation Alpha’ Significance of Scientific & Digital Knowledge

May 2024

The very first generation born entirely in the 21st century – exactly in between 2010 and 2024 – is named as “Generation Alpha”. They are also called the “Digital Natives” because they are the ones who have witnessed a world of internet, visuals, social media, screens, and gadgets – and above all the Artificial Intelligence. For Alphas it’s not about access to technology, and integration with the real world. Perhaps, it is a necessity. Isn’t it?

General Behaviour and Priorities of Digital Natives
Alphas are the brightest minds that have conveniently shared their childhood with exciting innovations like the social media apps, video streaming, smartphones, and 3D animations. In today's world, the prominence of digital knowledge has radically amplified for children to stand out in academics, and safely navigate the intricacies of the virtual world. Some common behaviours of Alphas which differentiate them from others, all across the globe, are as follows:
•    The most tech-savvy generation is self-governing and independent. They do not use technology only but innately apprehend its importance, and rewards. As compared to the previous generation – that is called “Generation Z” – Digital Natives spend more time online, but in purposeful and inspiring ways.
 •    Alpha, the youngest generation, has developed a deep sense of individuality and self-awareness paired with strong social and environmental consciousness. It holds valuable knowledge on concerns like diversity, sustainability, social justice, environment, etc.

•    Alpha is considered the most ethnically diverse generation exposed to cultural diversity worldwide. It possesses a global perspective. It is a living example of ‘think globally’. Its digital knowledge has triggered global connectivity, and active engagement with diverse cultures, ethnic groups, and ideological philosophies.
•    Digital Natives rely mainly on visuals and interactive methods for quick learning. They believe education is entertaining when accustomed with their needs. Many of them are likely to opt for professional degrees in science and technology based on their aptitude.
Significance of Scientific and Digital Knowledge for Alphas
In today’s world, we can witness that developed nations are those who manage to succeed in the field of science and technology. In the modern era, the standing of scientific and digital knowledge can’t be overlooked. It’s a collective wisdom that has improved our standard of living, and enables mankind to develop modern technologies, take logical decisions, and come up with concrete solutions to problems. It’s pretty hard for digital natives to imagine a world without internet and technological advancements. From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, almost every function of our routine owes to science and technology.
    Early exposure to science, programming and internet is proven to stimulate natural curiosity, logical reasoning, and analytical thinking in children. It has helped Alphas in developing positive attitude towards skill-based learning, and personality grooming. Key aspect of scientific and digital knowledge is that it is based on experiments, and practices that promote critical and logical thinking. 
    Let’s have a look how the scientific and digital knowledge is shaping Generation Alpha:
Ahead of Time
The youngest generation is ahead of its time by all means. They don’t just roughly look at the world, rather carefully analyse it. This well aware generation is constantly learning the significance of technological advancements, and determining how to make an impression. Brilliant Alphas possess the ability to form a society in which everyone thinks logically and where solutions to problems are made on scientific reasoning. They’re not just concerned about what is trending, but what is affecting the future trends. Scientific knowledge promotes critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, thus enabling Alphas to find viable solutions of the acute concerns like climate change and environmental conservation.
Future Leaders, Scientists and Entrepreneurs
The Alpha Generation is always considered responsible for a sustainable development of the State. They are the brightest minds who are the agents of change. They understand that science is the real game changer. Scientific knowledge has exposed children to endless opportunities. Digital knowledge is giving them wings to discover opportunities through programming, coding, advanced technologies, AI modules, etc.

    Proficiency in scientific and digital literacy opens up a wide range of opportunities in fields like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and more. It is the need of time to nurture Alphas in such a manner that may create a pool of talented scientists, innovators, leaders, and researchers, who can contribute to the scientific and technological advancements. Science and digital literacy is the only tool to handle complexities mankind is facing today. 
Out of the Box Thinkers 
Today’s children do not blindly believe that every natural function is a part of an inclusive system. They look for logical answers, be it the complex structure of the human body or the rotation of the Sun, and the Moon. Persistence of the available scientific knowledge fosters out of the box thinking in children, enabling them to identify and analyse the challenges. Scientific and digital literacy is equipping the Alpha Generation with the ability to evaluate evidences and make rational decisions based on facts and empirical research, leading to more sensible choices in personal, professional, and societal contexts.
Digital Empowerment
Profound understanding of skills, concepts, and practices related to digital platforms and technologies is called “Digital Knowledge”. It includes various aspects, such as internet, digital literacy, basic computer skills, coding, programming, digital communication, cybersecurity awareness, media literacy, etc. An early exposure to a digital world, where everything is just a click away, has instilled a natural curiosity and a hunger for empowerment in Digital Natives. The strong foundation of empowerment is letting Generation Alpha to prove themselves in this field.
Creativity and Innovation
Sound understanding of scientific principles is encouraging creativity and innovation in Generation Alpha by paving a foundation for developing new products, services, technologies, and solutions to global challenges. Creative and innovative approaches will enable the Alpha Generation to make better lifestyle choices, and focus on their well-being thus leading to improved quality of life and sustainable development. It will also help the future generations to follow different approaches in resource management, environment conservation, and mitigating the hazards of climate change.
Technological Advancements
Alphas are born in a fully technological and connected world, making them skilful at using digital services and platforms. They have seamless access to information and learning tools through technology. Scientific knowledge drives the technological innovation and progress, leading to the development of new devices, technologies, and industries capable of enhancing the productivity, and quality of life. More technological knowledge simply means reliance on digital devices for learning, communication, and entertainment. With technology deeply ingrained in everyday life, recognition for technological advancements is vital for sustainable development.
We know the world has already become a global village. The rise in digital and scientific literacy is promoting global awareness as well as understanding of diversity in all perspectives and ideologies, thus fostering the collective efforts to address the global challenges. Scientific and digital knowledge is empowering Alphas to thrive in a rapidly changing world by equipping them with the much needed skills, positive attitude, and the right kind of mindset towards handling the diversity without compromising their individuality.

Pakistani Kids with Distinctions
In the field of Science & Technology, Pakistani children have vivid example of Arfa Karim. She was just nine years old when she became the youngest Microsoft professional. Let’s meet some of the brightest Pakistani kids that have left their impression on the world:
•    Twin sisters from Rawalpindi Zara and Zenubia Khan have made Pakistan proud by becoming the world’s youngest Microsoft Power Platform certified professionals at the age of just 10. This record was set by Arfa Karim lately.
•    A software genius, Mohamed Hamza is a star child. He successfully became Junior Microsoft Office Expert by scoring 757 points at the Microsoft Institute in London, at the age of only six.
•    Natalia Najam, a science devotee from Lahore set new world record by arranging the periodic table chart in 2 minutes and 40 seconds at the age of nine. She broke the previous record by 7 seconds.
•    Arish Fatima from Karachi has made Pakistan proud by becoming a certified Microsoft professional at the age of four, by passing the MS Certification (MCP) exam with 831 points.
•    Ayan Qureshi became the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional by passing the certification’s standard assessment, at the age of five and a half.
Wrapping up
Fertile land of Pakistan is blessed with a lot of bright Alphas who have outdone world’s expectations, by earning distinctions in the field of science and technology. However, an unquestionable fact is that the skills, aptitude and potential of the youngest generation of Pakistan will only be fully cultivated when they have safe access to the modern scientific and digital knowledge.
    The question is who amongst you is going to be the next to make Pakistan proud? Certainly you! Aren’t you?


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