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Saturday, July 20, 2024 15:52
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Hilal Kids English

Tale of Flowers Flower Festivals in Pakistan

April 2024

Spring was at its peak. A pleasant breeze was blowing. It was a hazy Sunday. All the flowering plants in the garden were super excited to have new visitors. The flowers’ home, Royal Garden was located on the countryside. It was owned by Zaid’s grandfather, and he had organized a “Flower Exhibition.”  
    “Choo Choo Choo, I’m glad to be here.” said Cuckoo.
    “Everyone loves this place.” Dove smiled. She lived here and knew every flowering plant in the garden. She invited her friends, Cuckoo and Parrot to visit. 
“Look, how thrilled those innocent souls are!” Parrot pointed at the group of children playing around the vivid flowers.  
“And so are we.” mumbled the Jasmine flower nearby.      
    “Guys, let me introduce you to my fragrant friends.” Dove said to her guests. 
“Jasmine, a dear friend of mine is a flowering plant from Olive family. She’s the national flower of Pakistan. It is often used in cultural events, celebrations, and religious ceremonies. The star shaped tiny Jasmine is equally popular amongst flower fanatics and gardeners. It exists in many colours like white, pale pink and yellow. It is common in gardens, parks, at institutes or homes.” Dove introduced to guests.

    “Thank you my feather friends! Yes, I’m the symbol of alluring beauty, joy, happiness friendship, and elegance. My delicate flowers and enchanting fragrance have healing properties. I’m often used in aromatherapy as a stress relief.” Jasmine bended her twig and smiled.
    “What a soothing smell you have!” Cuckoo softly touched her.
“My unique fragrance holds a sense of calmness and serenity; it is used to make scents, teas, cosmetics, essential oils, etc. I have antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties. My extract can ease out the mild skin irritation.”
“Wow, Impressive!” Parrot rolled his eyes.
    “Come along friends! Let’s meet my other friends. She is very colourful and beautiful. Rose is the national flower of the US, UK and Maldives. It’s said to have been growing naturally for more than 35 million years.” Dove took them to Rose shrubs.
    “Hi! I’ve been cherished since ages because of my unmatched beauty and exceptional fragrance. I’m the king of the floral world, and a key to floral arrangements and festivals. Rose is the symbol of love, ambition, festivity and friendship. It is used in herbal tea, medicine extracts, beauty products, and perfumes.” said the happy Rose.
    “Everyone loves you, Rosie.” added the bright yellow flower.   
    “By the way, I’m Sunflower – the most prevalent bloom known for my alluring yellow colour and large size. I’m the national flower of Ukraine and symbol of loyalty, warmth, abundance, happiness, reverence and endurance. My seeds and oil are used in cooking and skincare products. My striking appearance and sunny disposition makes me stand out from the others.”
“Glad to meet you dear! I know you have long roots and you require direct sunlight for hours as well as hot climate to bloom.” replied Parrot as Sunflower shook his head. 
    Next to Sunflower was another cheerful flower.
“Hello! I’m Daisy, the symbol of innocence, youth, freshness and purity. I am found in several colours, and in every region. Chamomile is my family member. People use us in herbal tea and skincare products as well as essential oils to nurture their beauty and smooth out irritated skin.” she excitingly introduced herself.
    “Indeed, Daisy is so delightful and enchanting.” whispered Lavender, a sweet-scented classy flower – a popular choice of gardeners because of its distinctive fragrance. The cherished flower with unique look possesses therapeutic qualities. It is used in herbal tea, cosmetics, perfumes, essential oil and skincare products. 
    Next to Lavender was Gardenia and Lily. Gardenia, a stunning white and fragrant flower connotes purity, sophistication and refinement. Lily, a colourful, bell shaped tiny bloom in red, yellow, white and purple, smells exceptionally sweet. Easter lily, Tiger lily, Siberian lily, Fritillaries, Daylilies, etc., are common types of lilies found in Pakistan.
       While greeting the flowers, birds saw some children coming close to them. Children were taking pictures with every bloom, softly touching them out of curiosity. Then they heard Zaid’s voice.
“Aha, it’s Marigold and it denotes longing for prosperity and success, right?” he pointed at orange-gold colour flower.
“    Yes, versatile Marigolds are easy to grow. You see Marigold is so bright and rich in colour that its pigments are used in food and textile industry.” grandpa replied.
    “This one with amusing fragrance is an Orchid – a symbol of luxury, power, glamour and magnificence. Orchid comes in many varieties and colours with more than 25,000 different species. It has medicinal properties, and is widely used as natural remedy for cough, lungs and kidney diseases, for decades. Vanilla extract used in baking is derived from vanilla orchid.” he explained. “What’s the name of this flower?” inquired the curious Zaid.
    “It’s Petunia, the cheerful multi-colour flower common in gardens, hanging pots, and planters in red, pink, yellow, white, purple or striped blossoms. It blooms from spring through autumn if grown in the sunlight.” Grandpa said.
    “I’ll remember this information.” Zaid smiled and set his eyes on another flower.
    “I know these are Pansies. The most popular garden plant comes in purple, blue, yellow, white and bi-colour. It commonly grows in bunches close to the ground. Cool-weather vibrant Pansies could last in mild climates that have prolonged winters and short summers.” Zaid gently touched the charming flowers. As a nature lover he learned a lot from his grandpa.
    “Grandpa! Flowers are adored by all, right?” 
“Yes, because flowers are lovely, and have a divine fragrance. Flowers are innocuous and created to beautify the nature. They bring exquisiteness, tranquillity and scent. Since ages, flowers are the cherished symbols of beauty, affection, virtue and peace.” grandpa explained. Suddenly, Zaid noticed a kid who was about to pluck a blossom. “Please stop. Don’t hurt the flowers.” he exclaimed. It made all the blossoms cautious. They got afraid of an unexpected and miserable demise.
“Sorry!” said the little girl, and ran away. It was Tulip she intended to pluck. Zaid and his grandpa went to meet their guests.  
    “Awww, my lovely friend! It’s Tulip, a symbol of new beginning, joy, and happy change. It is the national flower of Turkey. It comes in a wide range of colours. Tulips are meant to bring serenity and splendour to any place with their striking look and fragrance.” Dove tried to ease out Tulip, and it worked out.  “Look, we do have Magnolia, Dahlia, Iris, and Hibiscus around.” replied Tulip in a happy voice. Children were roaming around these flowers, making a chain of hands “Magnolia is a delicate fragrant flower found in different parts of Pakistan. It is the national flower of North Korea. It exists in several colours. Elegant Magnolia is cherished for its attractiveness and amazing scent.” Tulip let them know.
    “Dahlia, an eye-catching multicolour blossom is easy to grow. It can thrive in shades. It has long flowers that bloom midsummer to the start of winter.” added Dove.  “Hey! I’m Iris, the multicolour trendy flower. I’m the national symbol of France and grow from either perennial rhizome in different sizes having flat, sword-shaped or curved leaves.” the cute flower happily introduced herself.
       “Hibiscus, the national flower of Bangladesh is known for stylish, large, and colourful blossom. Different types of hibiscus exits in Pakistan.” said Cuckoo while flying around Hibiscus along with the butterflies. They could hear the cheerful voices of children playing around the flowering shrubs. Flowers were dancing too on the light beat of the breeze. “Wow. I’m amused. You are so lucky to have such a heavenly and aromatic place as your habitat.” said Parrot while extending his wings and Cuckoo seconded her. Their expressions made Dove smile. “Well, you guys can stay over, and it could be your habitat too.” Dove’s reply was enough to make her feather and floral friends happy.