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Saturday, July 20, 2024 14:30
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Hilal Kids English

A Call for Empathy

February 2024

Dear Kids!
As we eagerly flip through the pages of our February 2024 issue, we pause to reflect on a crucial day – Kashmir Solidarity Day – that holds immense significance not just for Pakistan and the people of Kashmir, but for the entire world. February 5 serves, on one hand, as a poignant reminder of the Indian atrocities let loose on our Kashmiri brothers and sisters, especially children, students, and youth whose dreams of a bright future are shattered by the tumult and turmoil, horror and trauma caused by the continued presence of brute Indian forces, aided by ultra-Hindu RSS, in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJK), for the last many decades. February 5, on the other hand, reminds us of the extraordinary courage and unprecedented commitment shown by the people of Kashmir, especially young ones, who have not budged even an inch from their standpoint to achieve freedom through right of self-determination guaranteed by the UN Security Council Resolutions. Hilal for Kids has included informative write-ups to read a must. It tells how in the picturesque occupied valley, where beauty meets adversity, Kashmiri children wake up to a reality that most of us can only imagine. The echoes of conflict resonate in their daily lives, impacting their education, safety, and overall well-being. Education, which is the beacon of hope for any society, has been disrupted for Kashmiri students. Their quest to attend schools, the trauma of witnessing violence, and the uncertainty about their future create a challenging environment for these young minds. 
    We in Pakistan and world over, observe this day, every February 5, to show our solidarity with Kashmiri Muslim brethren and express our empathy to Kashmiri children and youth who yearn for a life free from fear and uncertainty. They really deserve our most befitting tribute, as well as support, to their unflinching resolve and unshakable resilience for not bowing to Indian state terror, and for sticking to the much resounding slogans “Hum lay kay rahain gay Azadi”, and “Kashmir banay ga Pakistan.” Just as we cherish academic or sport accomplishments of our own students, let us spare a thought for those in Kashmir who strive for an education amidst misfortune. The youth in Kashmir, like anywhere else, are full of dreams and aspirations. However, their path is riddled with obstacles. They long for the right to self-determination; it is upon us to amplify their voices and stand in solidarity with their rightful quest for a future of their choosing.
Dear Friends!
In the spirit of solidarity, Hilal for Kids features an article on Islam’s First Caliph Hazrat Umar bin Khattab (RA); his leadership was marked by justice, compassion, and deep concern for the peoples’ welfare. As we delve into his revered life, let’s draw inspiration and reflect on how we can contribute to creating a more just and compassionate world, starting with understanding and supporting the plight of our Kashmiri brethren. Besides, turning our attention to practical aspects of a child’s life, this month’s issue of your favorite magazine is providing insights on how you the students should prepare for exams. Moreover, access to clean drinking water has been a growing concern; here on pages next we share valuable information on how to save and preserve the precious resource of water. Please play your proactive role in spreading awareness for protecting the overall environment. And by the way, dear kids, do not show even a slight carelessness in protecting yourself from the extreme cold; you know the spell this time is severe and may likely continue even in February as the forecast says daytime temperatures shall remain 17°C, especially in Islamabad-Rawalpindi, while at night it shall fall to 4°C. So, please do not miss taking care of yourself, and your elders too: better if you drink warm fluids, wear clothes in layers, reduce wind exposure, use gloves and cover mouth while going out. Some of you must be having winter skin issues; and doctors advise petroleum jelly is the best to prevent your skin from dryness caused by cold. Children living in central Punjab and the areas experiencing fog and smog easily catch cough, and throat infection; so taking extra protecting measures is comparatively more important for them. 
    Now read on, and come up with your quick feedback. Care to send your write-ups by the tenth of every month and please do not write more than one article, so that we may accommodate your other fellow writers, too. 
    Have a great month ahead, and together extend friendship and support to the children of Kashmir making February 5 a day of reflection, compassion and action.