Guides Paltan Celebrates Biar Bet Day

Guides Paltan proudly celebrated Biar Bet Day in Diplo, Tharparker and Bahawalpur on April 26, 2022. This day reminds us of the gallant history of the Paltan.

The Paltan was ordered to capture the disputed territory of Biar Bet, which is located 6 miles west of Serabet, in Indian Rann of Kutch. Enemy's 13 Commando Battalion 50 Para Brigade was defending the area. Two companies of 15 Punjab, a squadron of 24 Cavalry (FF) and an R&S Company of 15 Frontier Force Regiment were placed under the command of Guides Infantry for this operation.

On April 26, 1965, Guides attacked enemy positions, inflicted heavy casualties and forced the enemy to withdraw. During the action, Naik Fateh Muhammad, Sepoy Muhammad Rafique, Sepoy Daud Khan, Sepoy Ghulam Nabi, Sepoy Saida Gul, Sepoy Muhammad Sher, Sepoy Noor Hussain, Sepoy Sultan Jan and Sepoy Salem Khan embraced Shahadat, while three personnel including 2nd Lieutenant Hadi Hussain were seriously injured. Our Quarter Guard stands decorated with the weapons captured from the enemy in combat. Tribute was paid to the Shuhada-e-Biar Bet buried at Diplo, Tharparkar who sacrificed their lives for our country. A special guard sent from Bahawalpur to Diplo was mounted at dawn by Lieutenant Ahmed Kamal.
Guides zindabad!
Pakistan paindabad!

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