Why Pakistan - Celebrating 75 Years of Freedom

As Pakistan celebrates its Diamond Jubilee, women from different walks of life talk about what it means for them to be living in a free country.

Being able to live in an independent state is a great blessing, which most of us fail to show gratitude for. It is probably because our generation did not have to witness the maliciousness of pre-partition India or the brutalities at the time of partition. We would have been oppressed, suppressed, subjugated, and alienated like the Muslim majority currently living in India, which is subjected to the barbarity of the Indian state. 
Pakistan Day evokes a sense of pride and patriotism among us all. Freedom is not something which we should take for granted. Very few of the youth of today have a clear awareness of the trials and tribulations, our forefathers underwent to free the country from the British yoke. The life we are living as citizens of a free land is a blessing. 
“Why Pakistan?” is a question that many continue to ask. We all have our own reasons that are unique but at the same time common to all of us. What Pakistan has given us could not have been possible had there been no Pakistan. Women belonging to different spheres of life, when asked this question, expressed their patriotism, affiliation, and allegiance towards Pakistan, which is enthralling and motivating for us all.

Maj Beena Nauman, Pakistan Army
My country has given me plenty to be thankful for, starting with the place I live in to the prestigious institution I chose to serve my country in. This fills me with immense gratitude. Serving in the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo further bolstered this sense of gratefulness. Without a hint of doubt, all I am today is because of Pakistan and the abundant opportunities it has provided me with to grow and prosper.

Lt Dr Inshal Jawed, Pakistan Navy
Pakistan has given me a place I call home. It has provided me with the identity that I can use anywhere in the world. It has given me beautiful, rich culture, traditions and values that have made me who I am today. It has given me a place to worship Allah and follow Islam without any hindrance and difficulty, it has provided me with bonds, friends and family, who are there for me in times of need, happiness and sorrow. It has given me amazing teachers and lessons that I could never get anywhere in the world.

Syeda Urooj Fatima, Blogger
Pakistan has given me an inherent sense of belonging and an identity. This would have otherwise been missing for no other country is rooted in the idea of spirituality. I am forever indebted to this land for enabling me to achieve so much in so little time.

Rabia Nasir, Textile Designer       
As we have learnt, since our childhood about the struggles and sacrifices made by our people for achieving freedom, it falls upon us today to strive towards the betterment of our homeland, even by doing the tinniest of good. I believe that no other state would have been suitable for us to practice our Islamic values more comfortably than Pakistan. So why can we not work a little in order to add some positivity as individuals, to create an even more breathable environment for our coming generations, to value it enough and not to let our heroes hard work go in vain. Pakistan surely has provided me with the sense of responsibility to work for the betterment of my country.

Maryam, Doctor 
For me, my homeland is highly precious. It has given me the confidence and freedom of becoming whatever I am today. This country is enriched with enormous resources and we as its citizens should inculcate a deeper sense of responsibility about working hard towards its prosperity, by using the best of our knowledge and skills. 
As a doctor, I try my best to make people aware of our national responsibility towards hygiene and health issues. I believe the best way to do it is through spreading awareness about basic living ethics among communities, who are struggling because of poor knowledge and lack of education.

Shanza Hasham, Housewife
Pakistan has given me my identity, freedom, access to education, a rich cultural heritage, liberty to practice my religion and most important of all, the peace of mind that comes along with it. It has enabled me to bring up my kids in a healthy, peaceful environment, with the best of facilities. I cannot be thankful enough for all that this country has given me. 

Kinzul Eman, Student
Pakistan has given me all the reasons to grow, explore, and rise through different crusts. It has provided me with enormous opportunities to flourish, and above all, it has given me a sense of belonging that makes it my motherland. 

Aroosa Salahuddin, PR and Communications Specialist 
Pakistan provides energetic environment for women to feel empowered and prosper. We can greatly contribute to the economic and social development of Pakistan in return for the enormous opportunities it provides us. 
Pakistan has given me the sense of feeling empowered, competent, and independent to avail all the existing opportunities. Every struggle makes me more vigorous, and confident. 

Dr Hina Anis Fatima, Additional District Coordinator Epidemic Prevention and Control
Pakistan has provided me with an identity that I am proud of and which means the most to me. What I am today is all because of the freedom this country has given me. 

Faiqa Ahmad, Teacher
Pakistan has given me the opportunity to work independently and thrive as an individual in the society. It has provided me with access to basic facilities of life and has helped me in developing sense of autonomy and self-confidence for which I am utterly grateful.  

Javeria Malik, Psychologist
Freedom plays a vital role in the development of nations, societies and individuals. On an individual level, Pakistan gave me all the opportunities for the fulfilment of my aims and objectives. Freedom provided by Pakistan is the reason we are able to live our lives without any discrimination of cast, creed, color or religion. We should remember all the sacrifices given for the freedom and be grateful for the existence of this beloved land. 

Khadija Khalid, Lawyer
Pakistan is a blessed country with wonderful people. Our traditions reflect our inner beauty and all culture defines who we are. Pakistan provided me with the incentives through which I could achieve my dreams and become self-reliant. We should be utterly grateful about free will and opportunities provided to us by Pakistan and devote ourselves for the progress of our beloved homeland.

Wajiha Habib Hashmi, Accounts Officer
Pakistan, my homeland, is the most treasured thing in my life. Pakistan has given us the liberty and space to live our life without any prejudice and bias as imposed on our forefathers in preindependence era or the discrimination and violence suffered by Muslims and other minorities in postindependence India. Living in Pakistan, my life has been full of countless blessings and felicities.

Allah has blessed us enormously in the form of Pakistan, which we need to be grateful for. In return for freedom, it is our responsibility as nationals of Pakistan to work hard within our given capacities to contribute for the betterment of our country. It is up to us to ensure that the things that guarantee our freedom continue to remain powerful throughout our lives and for all the generations to come. HH

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