Unleashing the Power of the Subconscious

The Creator has manifested many mysteries in His creation, and the biggest of all is our ‘Subconscious Mind.’ This intangible mysterious part is a magnificent repertoire of energy within us, which has the amazing powers of healing, attaining and materializing amazing results. In my opinion, we humans communicate with our Creator at the subconscious level and it is at that same level that our Creator communicates back with us. It will not be an overstatement if I say that our subconscious mind acts as the ‘Ears to the Creator’; this is how He hears us and this is how we hear Him back (like through dreams, intuition or a sudden thought peeping out of nowhere). Our subconscious mind is a gateway to the Creator. When we repeatedly ask for something, the Creator responds by unleashing the magnificent energy residing within our subconscious, energy, which has the power to materialize and fulfill. So, when you pray, whether loud or subtle in your mind, you are actually stirring your subconscious mind; the ears to the Creator, it is just like passing through the divine gate way and knocking on the doors of heavens so that submission can be answered or needs fulfilled.

Our subconscious has magnetizing power and do you know what happens when an ordinary piece of iron is magnetized? It can lift about 12 times its own weight. And when the same piece of iron is demagnetized, it can’t even lift a feather. In your life, you must have noticed two types of people, the ones who are confident, resourceful and accomplished, I would rather prefer calling them ‘magnetized’. And then there is other type, which is always full of fear, anxiety and doubts. Whenever they are encountered with demanding situations, their mind is pre-occupied with thoughts like, “What if I fail?” “How on earth will I be able to pull on with this tough routine?” “I can’t cope up with the grief due death of my father” or “I will never be able overcome the break up with my spouse,” etc. They for sure are demagnetized people and unfortunately, their fear and self-doubt in taking a leap forward and makes them simply stay where they are.
This leads us to very pertinent questions like, “How can we replace our fear and self-doubt with optimism and conviction?” and “How can we get ourselves magnetized?” As mentioned earlier, the magnetizing power lies in our own subconscious. This is the last place where most people will look for it, which is the reason that very few ever find it. We all possess it but we will have to learn how to use it. 
Our subconscious works according to two laws, namely: “Law of Belief” which states that when you have firm belief that it will work, then it will work, and the second law on which our subconscious works is universal, “Law of Action and Reaction.” The thought acts as action and as a reaction our subconscious mind materializes that thought. Fill your mind with thoughts of happiness, health and harmony and as a reaction wonders will happen to you. Mystic psychologists often ascribe soul (I will prefer calling it the subconscious mind) as a garden and you as the gardener. Every day, you are sowing seeds of thoughts in the garden of your subconscious mind, at times you are not even aware of doing it due to your habitual thinking. If you feed your subconscious with thoughts of sickness and bad health, it will manifest that thought in your body because, “Every thought is a cause and every condition is an effect.” It goes without saying that the world within creates the world without. So, in order to be magnetized, always feed your subconscious with positive thoughts, check yourself whenever you are feeding negative thoughts to your subconscious, and avoid that negative habitual thinking because, “Your subconscious is very sensitive to your conscious thoughts.” 
In his book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Dr Joseph Murphy narrates a very interesting account titled: “The Little Me trying to strangle the Big Me.” He writes about Mr Enrico Caruso, a great opera singer. Before his first appearance in front of an audience, Enrico was struck with stage fright. Just two steps short of the stage curtain, lack of confidence and thoughts of bad performance transcended over Enrico so he turned back and started walking towards the dressing room, then suddenly he stopped and shouted, “The Little Me is trying to strangle the Big Me within.” By ‘Big Me’ Caruso meant the limitless power of his subconscious mind. He began to shout, “Get out, get out, the Big Me is going to sing.” On this affirmation, his subconscious mind responded by releasing the vital forces within him and he felt a sudden surge of confidence. With the same radiating confidence, he performed to his best and later came to be known as one of the greatest opera singers. 
Actually, our subconscious mind is reactive to the suggestions of our conscious mind. It responds to the very nature of our thoughts. When your conscious mind (Little Me) is having negative thoughts of failure or fears, these thoughts do not go unheard but are spilled over to your subconscious mind (Big Me). Big Me starts materializing these thoughts of failure on ground. Whenever you are in such state of under-confidence, surrounded by the fear of failure, or distracted by negative thoughts, notions that can disturb your peace, all you can do is to speak affirmatively and with deep sense of authority to your deeper mind. You can say, “Be still, be quiet, I am in control, you must obey me, you are subject to my command, and you can’t intrude where you don’t belong.”
Let us move forward and contemplate upon how the subconscious mind works. Do you know what captain of the ship does? He navigates the ship by giving directions. If he has to increase the speed of the ship, he gives orders to his crew members. The crew member might not know the rationale behind increasing the speed but still they would follow the orders, because they are meant for following orders. Naturally, the ship would hit the rocks if the captain issues faulty instructions. 
Similarly, our conscious mind is like the captain of a ship, it navigates our lives by giving directions, and our subconscious mind is like the crew members in the engine compartment, whose only job is to follow and materialize the given instructions. Just like a wrongly navigated ship, our lives will also hit the rocks, if our conscious mind gives wrong directions to our subconscious mind. For example, if you repeatedly say, “I will fail” or “I am not intelligent,” your subconscious mind will take you at your word. You will not be able to do the task and you will believe that circumstances made it so. It will not occur to you that you have created those circumstances yourself, by feeding the negative denying thoughts to the crew of your ship – your subconscious mind. 
So here is a solution called ‘Thought Construction and Thought Replacement’. Thought construction means to always construct positive thoughts and statements in your mind and thought replacement says whenever a negative thought or a statement peeps into your mind just replace it immediately with a positive thought. If I zip it up in a conclusion, it would be: “Never finish a negative statement, reverse it immediately and wonders will happen to your life.” Whenever there peeps a thought like, “I can’t do it,” just replace it with statements like, “I can do all the things through the power of my subconscious, the power that has been granted to me by my Creator.” This statement will for sure be taken as an order by your subconscious mind and it will start working to materialize it. 
To accrue the benefits from the powers of your subconscious mind, first, you have to harness the giant, and harnessing means making your subconscious mind to do wonders for you. Harnessing of the subconscious hinges on three alphabets F, R and E: Faith (I can do all things through the power of my subconscious), Repetition (repeating the instructions to your subconscious mind again and again repeatedly) and Expectancy (you will think good and good will follow you). Here is a simple and easy subconscious therapy. 
Before going to sleep, lay in your bed, turn off the light, close your eyes and relax your muscles starting from your feet to your head.
Feel Light as a Feather
Feel the weight of your body completely resting on the bed, it will make your body feel lighter. 
Let it Go
Empty your mind from all irrelevant thoughts, just focus on nothingness, simply blank your mind by switching off all buttons of thoughts, just like switching off screen the of your LCD.
Focus Inward
Now, start looking inward; focusing on your breathing can help you to focus inward.
In this quiet, calm ambiance, just communicate to your subconscious with statements like, “In every way, I am getting better and better,” or “Wake me up at 5 AM,” or anything that you want to change in your life and it will soon manifest in the form of amazing results. If you are to perform a task, just close your eyes and imagine yourself doing good at that task. This is pictorial way of communicating your instructions to your subconscious. It has worked for many people around the globe and it can work for you.  
The best time to stir your subconscious mind is just before sleeping so that while you are asleep your subconscious can ruminate over your statements again and again. Since, I started this article on a premise that prayers are source of stirring our subconscious mind, therefore, I will conclude on the same premise. When we know that prayers or stirring up of our subconscious mind helps us in our challenging times, why should we wait for challenging times to make us start praying or stirring up our subconscious? We should make prayer or subconscious therapy an integral part of our lives, so that we can counter the challenging times in advance. HH


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