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Tips To Keep Makeup Fresh in Summer

The summer heat can melt makeup very easily and leave us looking like grease balls. Fortunately, following a few tips can help prevent that unattractive look altogether.

Clay Masks/Facial Cleanser
Before applying any makeup, apply oil prevention facial cleansers. These help stop skin’s natural oils from appearing. Using clay masks before wearing makeup can also help keep the oils at bay but always keep in mind, clay masks should only be used once a week: if your skin is too oily then at the most twice a week.
Waterproof Makeup
Use waterproof makeup. Mainly waterproof makeup isn’t so easy to get since most of the time the claims of being waterproof are bogus, but water proof mascaras are really easy to find. They will save the day for you. Non-waterproof mascaras tend to wear off as you sweat and run all over your face. Waterproof mascaras can be very hard to take off, therefore, use effective makeup removers because mascara residues can give eye infections and eyelash fall is also a possibility. 
Cream Blush
Use cream-based blush on. Powder blush can look streaky in the hot weather. Whatever type you choose, make sure its matte and shine free. Glittery or shinny blush on can look very cakey in the summers.
Avoid Too Much
Try to use minimal makeup in the summers. Put away the luminous foundations along with liquid foundations for the winters. Don’t layer your makeup because it can look too much for the hot days. Try to use your fingers to apply makeup in summers rather than beauty sponges or brushes. This will warm up your skin and makeup will look more natural as the foundation sinks into warm skin.
Lock It!
Setting sprays are key to locking in your makeup for the day. Setting sprays hydrate the skin and make it look more natural. Some setting sprays available will lock your makeup for more than 12 hours but they will need a lot more than your regular makeup remover wipes to take off, be warned!
Finding the Perfect Nude Shades of Lipstick

Your skin undertones can help you decide, which nude lipstick was made just for you! For example, a shade that is made for a fair warm undertoned skin could look beautiful on a darker skin as well, but the same shade might completely wash out another fair toned skin just because the undertone is cooler. 
A common mistake most women make with not just lipsticks but also with foundations, blush and highlighters is that they swatch them at the back side of their hands. Your hands can be darker or lighter than your face, therefore, you will never find the right shade makeup that way. If possible swatch on your lips to get an accurate idea. 
If you’re looking for a nude lipstick that’s similar to your complexion, you’ll need to differentiate your lips from the rest of your face. Hence, you should look for a creamier or glossy lip color for fair toned skin, whereas for medium toned skin, look for a satin finish. 
Keep Your Natural Lip Color in Mind
Finding the perfect nude lipstick isn’t really just all about your complexion. A lot of others factors need to be considered like the natural color of your lips. If your lips are naturally pigmented, not pale, chances are you’ll have a harder time finding your nude because the color of the lipstick will change on your pigmented lips. Find a color that is either identical to your natural lip color or a shade lighter. 
Lastly, but most importantly, your complexion will be key to finding the perfect nude lipstick. If you’re fairer, stick to a lipstick similar to your natural lip color. However, keep in mind not to go too light, so much so that your lips disappear. If you’re medium toned, look for caramel or a deeper pink — deeper berry nudes should flatter you most. HH

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