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The World of Blogging

We are living in a digital world that has essentially altered the way people are connected with each other. Regardless of gender, age, ethnicity and career internet is overtaking and influencing every aspect of our daily lives. It allows us to communicate and share ideas through different social media platforms. But nothing has enabled the sharing of opinions and ideas as much as blogging. Before the digital era, women ignored their talent, willingly or unwillingly; they quit their jobs and chose to become stay-at-home mothers. The recent boom of blogging has created plenty of opportunities and options for both men and women. Some women have started blogging to achieve that perfect work-life balance by staying at home and feeling empowered. Many different social media platforms and web pages have been launched that have great potential to support women and encourage them to work from home. 
Blogging is not just about one particular industry, its vastness encapsulates everything you see on the web. From entertainment to mental and physical health, political to economic issues, travel to music, lifestyle to beauty, arts and crafts to parenting, you can start blogging about anything and everything. Anyone with a unique hobby/talent that may include cooking, fashion, art, photography or self-improvement, to name a few, can find blogging a rewarding job. But that talent requires proper nurturing and a platform that boosts the talent and provides an opportunity to present it to the world. Blogging is one platform where your hobby becomes your job. It allows you to work from anywhere and anytime and provides you with time flexibility. It gives you an opportunity to earn from your hobby and become your own boss. You can build a career out of it if you are fully committed to this field. 
The blogging world of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty is undoubtedly dominated by women. If you are a businesswoman, you can teach others how to start a small business, doctors can teach others to handle  illnesses, female chefs or food lovers can start a food blog. If you already have a business, you can promote your business by publishing a regular blog post. It is not just a hobby or home-based job or online earning, it helps to build your confidence and enhances valuable skills like writing and social media management. 
Bloggers create a virtual community that focuses on an idea, a product, a hobby, or any other topic. It is a great way to enhance awareness, influence millions of other women, and promote oneself personally and economically. It not only gives women who blog motivation to work, but also gives them the liberty to express themselves and share their experiences and talent with the world. This frequent self-expression and voice of bloggers that is noticeable to others, is likely to empower them. It is appropriate for psychological and economic empowerment by endorsing their efficiency. The bloggers who write on socio-political topics feel empowered because their content on such issues is read by many around the world. Content based on personal life helps bloggers feel empowered because they receive positive feedback from the public as to how they have changed the way they look at things.
To cap it, blogging platforms have paved a way for women to elicit benefits that can enrich their lives; it allows them to take risks and follow their passion. There are so many success stories of female bloggers around the world who admitted that they started blogging as a hobby, which then ended up as a dream job for them. Moreover, freedom of expression, guiding others to own experiences, enhancing self-confidence, new career opportunities and a career progression, and reaching a wider audience has allowed them to get more out of their lives. The power of documenting lives also gives them an opportunity to become an influencer and is a reminder to others to improve themselves as well.
The blog culture is gaining popularity in Pakistan. There are so many social media influencers who are preaching strength, confidence and the ability to stand up for what you believe in. They are reaching that point where they have started earning from sponsored posts, advertising, marketing and coaching, but it takes a lot of time, effort and dedication to become successful. Getting appreciation and interaction with people cheers them on. Providing an opportunity to live a dream and passion without any restriction and limitation is just the start, true happiness is to discover the world of blogging by selecting a niche and focussing on an area of interest, which will create a positive impact on the society. HH

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