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The Paradox that is Life

We all have grandmas who over a period of time turn into sages and teach us important life lessons. They are the roots of a progeny, taking lead into the world. Their experiences bore them the fruits of sapience and prior to exploring the world on our own, we are indoctrinated by these wise ones.
We tread the path of life along with our kith and kin but the experiences and consequences vary for each one of us. Our aspirations, approach and attitude towards life makes all the difference in the world. Life is a quest – walking on air at one time and against the grain at the other. With fair chance to embark on this journey of life and come out as a winner, let's dig out lessons and morals needed to live life to the fullest. Let’s try to reason a few paradoxes to comprehend life.
Failure Leads to Success
To taste success one must fall – a fall being inevitable. Then why fear fall?
Probe a little and look around. Flowers bloom only after struggling beneath the dust. Once anonymous, the buried seed grows up to be a strong tree. A bird takes a graceful flight in the sky only after falling off repetitively. In the same manner, we must gracefully embrace failures to harvest the fruits of success. Failures are part of the game. They are the stepping stones towards our goal and destination. They are the eye-openers, they guide us and steer our life in the right direction. They might taste bitter but help us appreciate the sweet taste of accomplishment.
Think about the jubilation of the one who makes it to the summit. The one who stays at the foot of the mountain would never know the joy of conquering. Failure, if taken positively, can be a driving force. It spurs an urgency to acquire the goal, once again. Having said that, some people take failures as a final announcement of their doom. Either pessimism overtakes their willpower or they surrender their spirits at the hands of ill fate. Living a meaningful life demands a mindful approach. Comprehending life with all its paradoxes requires a keen observation and introspection. One always grow by making mistakes. Let yourself lose, acknowledge a failure and make a better strategy towards your destination. Success affirms right after a failure.
Change is the Only Constant
Change is an oxymoron of constant. It is an ingredient of paramount importance. Life is always on a roll, ever-changing; day merges into night and seasons race one after the other. Time ebbs and flows and sweeps away a memorable moment just as it engulfs a tragedy and that is the beauty of life.
Life itself pushes us towards a change. Those who grab this opportunity succeed; the ones who fail to transform become history. The right way to match the footsteps of the promising ones is to hop onto new trends and education, and constantly upgrading ourselves with time. Taking up new hobbies and learning advance skills fit us well in this new world. Change is a demand rather than a choice. Change means progression; it is being productive and successful.
The More the Choices, the Harder it is to Choose
How many of you while doing grocery take aeons in choosing a simple brand of a toothpaste? Undeniably most of us. Competition via advertisements has allowed us to choose from a variety of products and services. Ironically, the more we have the less it seems.
Reminiscing old times, when people lived simpler lives with minimal necessities, life was no chaos but a simple way of living, when basics were priorities, and opulence had no existence. A rich textured life promised longevity. Unfortunately, living in the contemporary world, we love to hoard almost everything we fall in love with. We are lured by the year-long sales at the malls. Moreover, online shopping has taken the matter one step ahead. It facilitated the shopping spree by delivering products at our doorstep without having left the comfort of our homes. Multiple choices leave us confused and unsatisfied. It is the greed within us, which is oblivious to question the reason for hoarding. Therefore, we buy, stack and forget. 
In an opposite scenario, buying sensibly would end up in fewer possessions. Having less but the finest would always make it worthy resulting in contentment with less.
The More You Learn the More You Realize How Little You Know
Learning is a lifelong process. Acquiring knowledge of any subject, art, culture, language, or skill requires an inquisitive mind. Before reasoning this paradox, introspection is necessary because life demands an insight to deal with its complexities.
Sitting in the company of old and wise people enrich us in sapience. Knowledge is not limited to books. The universe is full of secrets to be unravelled – knowledge being the key. Knowledge blesses all who make an effort to procure it. Reading, travelling to places and meeting new people are all sources of knowledge.
Books impart knowledge as well as open numerous windows to the world. They protect us from all distractions as true friends would. Travelling to new places introduce us to different nations, cultures, languages and cuisines. To learn, one must listen more, pour out curiosity by asking questions. Eagerness and dedication on the path of knowledge must go hand in hand. Never say ‘I know this …’ as that is when we put an end to the learning process. Hence, our growth stops and we negate others in pride.
Uncertainty is The Only Certainty
This proverbial saying is another paradox. The course of life is unpredictable; no one can write an autobiography in advance. We walk the road of life for pains and gains that unfold with the course of time. Holding firm the reins of present and working hard is all that is required of us. Letting go of the worries of unseen and living the moment to the fullest is what life is. Our health, peace and assets lie in the present. Accepting uncertainty as crystal clear water, frees our minds of futile thoughts. If we live by an antithetical scenario, we simply would never live. Overthinking, assumptions and predictions of the future in present would decay us much before our due date. Results would be nothing but a bleak present full of anxiety and multiple diseases.
Opt wisely. Expect uncertainty, do not dwell in the past or future. Celebrate the happy days as they come by. Endure the gloomy ones with valour and optimism. Nothing stays forever. With each passing tick of the clock time sweeps away the moment and whatever it beholds. HH

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