Soins aux Femme: The Right Style of Eyeliner

We all use eyeliner to define our eyes but have you ever wondered why even following your favorite influencer to the dot, the eyeliner you applied did not look good? Well, the answer is pretty simple, eyeliner works best if you use it to define the particular shape of your eyes. Here’s detailed information on how to apply eyeliner for your specific eye shape. 

Almond Eyes
If you have almond shaped eyes, you’re in luck. Most eyeliner styles can look great on your eyes. What would look best is an upward winged eyeliner. It will flatter the curves of your eyes and help you look like the diva that you truly are. 
Round Eyes
You’ll want your beautiful round eyes to look longer. The best technique is to put on thicker eyeliner on the outer corner of your eyes and wing it out, try not to go too high; a little straighter would give your eyes the illusion of longer eyes. You can also apply eyeliner to the outer corner of your lower lash line. Apply extremely thin eyeliner on the inner corner of your eyes, as close to the lash line as you possibly can, if they feel too naked. 
Deep-set Eyes
If you have this lovely set of eyes, the mistake you’re most likely to make is thick eyeliner and/or smudging it. This will make them appear sunken. Instead, apply extremely thin eyeliner close to the lash line. Only half of the outer eye should be lined, wing it out a little or don’t, however you like.
Wide Set Eyes
Since this set of eyes is farther from each other, what you need to do is make them look closer to each other. Start lining from the tear duct and don’t go for a winged eyeliner. Try to finish as close to the outer corner as you possibly can.
Hooded Eyes
Perfecting eyeliner on hooded eyes can be a challenge since you really don’t have much lid space. Try to apply really thin eyeliner so you have room for some shadow as well. If you want to apply a cat eyeliner try to first do a cut crease so a popping eyelid illusion is created.  
How to Make Your Small Eyes Appear Bigger?
Big eyes look really attractive, unfortunately not all of us are gifted with them. Luckily with the help of makeup and a few useful techniques we can give our small eyes the illusion of  big, beautiful eyes. 
Smokey Eye
To make your eyes appear bigger your focal point should be the shape of your smokey eye. Opt for the half almond smudged eyeliner. To do this stay as close to the lash line as possible and your focus should only be on the outer corner. 
Nude/White Eyeliner
Use a white or nude eyeliner in your water line, avoid black. Try to find a light nude eyeliner instead of white because a white-water line does not flatter our warm toned complexion. 
Who doesn’t love the blindness of highlighter on their cheek bones? Not only that, but a highlighter can really help your eyes look bigger as well. Apply it on your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes and watch it take your look from an 8 to an 11!  
Mascara can literally make or break your eye look and your entire makeup. A mascara can not only help make your lashes look thicker but can also help open up your eyes. What you need to do is curl your eye lashes and apply your first coat equally all over your lashes, let it dry and then apply your mascara just in the center of your lashes. This will bring more emphasis on your eyes. HH 

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