Soins aux Femme

Soins aux Femme: The New Eyebrow Trend

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen eyebrow trends change at a speed like never before. From thin plucked eyebrows to fluffy natural looking eyebrows, commonly known as the ‘boy brow’, it’s been a journey! The snatched crisp eyebrow we used to make with the help of the concealer are no more the hot beauty trend. Let me share the techniques you can use to achieve the perfect brows everyone is obsessed with these days. 

First things first, what you need is an eyebrow product that suits your specific needs the most. There is a variety of brow products in the market today. From pencils to pomades, from gels to powders, something for everyone. 
I insist, use what suits your specific brow hairs most, don’t just blindly buy the product your favorite influencer uses. You might end up using a product most suited for thin brows for your perfectly thick brows. 
Keep in mind if you have thin eyebrows, a pomade or a wax pencil will do it for you, whereas if you naturally have beautiful thick brows, stick to brow gels. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts, and techniques which can help you achieve the new eyebrow trend. 

Castor Oil
Castor oil is usually applied on eyelashes for natural growth but you can use it on your brows as well and with time observe a difference. 

Out Go Your Tweezers!
Since the snatched eyebrow isn’t so trendy anymore, you should stop tweezing your brows for six to eight weeks so that they can grow and appear fluffier. 
Brush Your Brows Downwards
Contrary to common belief, it is suggested by leading makeup artists that if you brush your eyebrows in the downward position before filling in, the real shape of your brows will appear which will help you in filling-in perfectly. After you’re done, you can brush them upwards. 

Prime the Brow Area
If you prime your brow area, it will help them stay in place longer. The access oils in your makeup and skin care can move your brows over the day. Therefore if you prime the brow area by applying a small amount of translucent powder, it should help you throughout the day. 

Identify Your Brow Shape
Like I said before, don’t apply your makeup according to the tutorial you just watched, but according to your particular features and face shape. Learn to use your features as a guideline. Identify where your brow should begin, where its tail should be, as well as the arch. 
To figure out your eyebrow shape, simply place an equally slim pencil or another tool you have at the inner side of your nose in the vertical direction; where the pencils lands, should be the point your eyebrows should start. For the arch, place the pencil on the outer corner of your nostril and angle the pencil in a way that it goes across the center of your eye, pointing towards the brow; where the pencil meets the top of your brow, is where your arch should be. As for the tail, move the pencil in a way that it goes across the outer corner of your eye; where the pencil meets the brow is where your brow should end. 

Tint Your Brows
Eyebrow tints are used to give your eyebrows a single tone. If the lighter brow hairs are tinted to the darker tone, they will appear fuller, and fuller is exactly what you need for the fluffy eyebrow trend. Another makeup trend that has taken the industry by storm is the nude lip colors. All of us have invested in a nude lipstick at least once and failed, mainly because the nude lipstick that you once saw someone rock made you look washed out or as though you were trying too hard to look nice. That’s because your perfect nude will be the one that flatters your skin tone, undertone, hair color and a few other factors as well. HH

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