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Soins aux Femme: Sunblock: A Skincare Essential

Though sunblock or sunscreen is a staple all around the year, the use of sunblock becomes even more imperative during summers – skip sunblock for a day and be ready for a perfectly tanned and sunburnt skin. You may not realize it now, but sunblock is as essential as your moisturizer and you definitely would not want to skip it if you knew that it saves your skin from wrinkles and keeps your skin healthy and youthful. It is, however no less than a dilemma to choose the right type of sunscreen according to your skin type. Here are some tips to help you with the problem.
Choose the Right SPF 
The SPF of sunscreen determines the protection it provides against harmful UV rays. You do not need to buy a 100 SPF sunscreen; it would do you more harm than good. You need a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 50 SPF in your sunscreen. Any SPF greater than 50 would prove less effective against UV rays and might cause a break out, which you definitely do not want. 
Choose According to Your Skin Type
You need to choose sunscreen according to your skin type. If you have oily skin you may consider using a matte or water-based sunscreen, it would not only provide you protection against the sun, but would also help with the extra oil on your face. You might not have noticed, but some of the compact powders have an SPF 30 or above that provides an ideal amount of UV protection. So, if you are on a budget you might want to stick to a compact powder that has an SPF rather than using a sunscreen that would leave your skin greasy. You can look for a foundation or BB cream that provides certain level of SPF (most of them have an SPF 15 or 20), layer it up with a good amount of compact powder, and you are good to go.
If you have dry skin, you definitely need to buy a sunscreen that is moisturizing. Look for one that contains hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, etc. There are numerous options available in the market, you can choose one that suits your pocket and your skin.
Use the Right Amount
You might be using sunscreen and still experiencing sunburn and tanning. Well, that is because you are applying too little sunscreen. Use a generous amount of sunscreen on your face and neck, preferably on rest of the exposed body parts as well. So, what is the right amount? Well, dermatologists provide different estimates, some suggest using a teaspoon, some suggest using half a teaspoon, while some recommend using one-third of a teaspoon. Most of the dermatologists have recommended the two finger method — layering sunscreen along the length of two of your fingers; this amount is enough for one section of your body. We would suggest using quantity that generously covers your face and neck. Everyone needs a different quantity depending on their skin type, sunscreen and SPF, etc. Remember to apply sunscreen half an hour before leaving your house. 
Reapplying Sunscreen
It is suggested to reapply sunscreen every two hours, especially if you’re out. If you are indoors, you might not need a reapplication since you are not in direct contact with the sun, however, if you are sitting anywhere near a window with crepuscular rays coming through, you definitely need to reapply your sunscreen. Reapplication of sunscreen is tricky, especially when you need to do it on top of your makeup. You need not to worry, just use a spray or a powder sunscreen, which would not budge your makeup. 
Skipping sunscreen is the biggest skincare mistake one could ever make. It is the most essential part of your skincare regimen, so invest in a good sunscreen and save yourself from the harmful effects of UV rays that in most severe cases can lead to cancer. Keep your skin safe from the trouble of sunburn, tanning, itchiness, darkening of freckles and, most importantly aging simply by using a good sunscreen. HH


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