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Soins aux Femme: Summer Time Makeup Tips

With the summers approaching, long lasting and sweat proof makeup is every woman’s goal. With a handful of tips and tricks, achieving the summer time all-day-long dream look should be easy. 

The right moisturizer 
Summer or winter, makeup can never look picture perfect if your skin isn’t getting the right type of moisture for its specific kind. In summers it is imperative to find an oil-free moisturizer. Also look for an oil-free foundation.  
Using a primer
A primer’s basic function is to make your  
makeup glide on easily and make it last. Find the primer that suits your skin type best. It doesn’t matter if it is mattifying, pore minimizing, firming, etc., choose what suits you best. A primer is the key if you want your makeup to last all day in summer.    
Layering less
The best option for summer is tinted moisturizers. They provide enough for covering up imperfections. If need be, apply a concealer on problem areas. Avoid heavy, cakey makeup as it is more prone to creasing, and that’s not a cute look.
Less shimmer
It is essential to understand the difference between a healthy glow and an over the top shiny look. Liquid foundations will be your best friends for this hot season. Avoid cream foundations, as they will crease, fudge and give you an overall greasy look as the day gets hotter and humid. Avoid shimmer eye shadows. They might look too harsh. The goal is to avoid shimmer as much as possible.
Sheer products 
Bright colors look too bright in summer. Let it be lipsticks, eye shadows or blushers. Go sheer with your favorite pink. Go light on the eyes. Avoid dark colors altogether. Use white water-line pencils to achieve an eye opening effect and avoid black liner pencils. If your eyes need an eyeliner, look for matte eyeliners. Avoid the shiny ones. 
Stains over powders 
Powders make makeup look cakey. Since blush is important for every makeup look and can help bring life to your face instantly, it’s a step not to miss so use cheek stains instead, as they are long lasting and give a more natural look. 
Stop the grease
The T-zone is usually the greasiest place on one’s face. Avoiding the oil there is mandatory. Don’t forget to put powder on your T-zone to avoid unwanted shine. For oil reoccurring throughout the day, blotting sheets can do the trick. Don’t forget to slip them in your bag before leaving the house. 
Put the matte lipsticks away
Matte lipsticks can look too harsh in summer time. Your best friend can be the regular lip stains. A nice thin gloss can also do the trick. But try to avoid gloopy lip-gloss. Sweet pink and peach colors work best. 
Water proof mascara and eyeliners are very important. With sweat, mascara can spread and your eyeliner may be prone to smudge. In this case, waterproof makeup can come in handy. But do keep in mind: waterproof mascara can be stubborn when it’s time to take it off. If residue is left behind on your eyelids, it can cause eye infections and lashes to fall out. Use makeup removers that can easily take off waterproof mascara. 
Lock it
Applying a setting spray of your preference, matte or a natural finish, will lock your makeup for a long time. Make sure not to miss this step or all your hard work might wear off in a few hours, depending on the humidity. HH

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