Soins aux Femme

Soins aux Femme: Smart Makeup Hacks

If you are reading this article, chances are, you have already mastered the art of regular makeup, whether it is highlighting, contouring, putting blush on or simply applying a foundation. Here are nine makeup artist approved makeup tricks you might not have tried yet! These will not only help you achieve flawless makeup but will also help save some bucks and time. 
Powdering the Lashes
Not every occasion requires a pair of falsies! If you are looking to rock thick lashes without the falsies then this trick will definitely help you. Apply a single coat of mascara and then gently apply some loose translucent powder or baby powder, making sure that you don’t go overboard. Apply a second coat over the powder and observe the difference yourself. 
Every eye is unique, hence the type of eyeliner that will flatter your eye shape might be different from what you can easily apply. Figure out the particular shape of your eyes and what kind of eyeliner will suit you best. Learn from experimentation!
Refresh your Mascara
When your mascara starts to clump, don’t keep using it just like that, it can do more damage than good and completely ruin your look. Simply add a few drops of saline solution and mix it gently. It will help with the mascara’s consistency and increase its shelf life.
Line Lips for a Fuller Look
Fuller lips have become the new trend these days and many of us visit dermatologists for a little bit of help. If you’re not into lip fillers. Your lip liner will help you by giving the illusion of fuller lips. Don’t go overboard, slightly line a little over your actual lip line and use the same colour lipstick to fill in. The end result will make your lips look fuller!  
Setting the Lipstick
Loose powder is our best friend when it comes to extending the life of our makeup all over the face, then why not use it with lipstick as well? All you have to do is apply your favourite lipstick (other than a lip gloss) then take a tissue paper, put it on your lips, and apply the translucent loose powder onto your lips over the tissue. You’ll have a matte pout that’ll look flawless all day long.  
Right Shade of Foundation
Whenever we go to a store to buy any base product, whether it is a foundation, concealer, powder, etc., we often make the mistake of finding the right shade by applying it on our hands or arms. Do not shade-match anywhere except for your neck or your face. Your arms and hands will most often either be lighter or darker than your face. Be warned!  
DIY Tinted Moisturizer
We opt for minimum coverage with a tinted moisturizer during the hottest days of the year. No need to spend extra money on a tinted moisturizer, you can customize your own! Take your moisturizer in the same amount as your foundation, mix them with a little bit a liquid highlighter for some dewiness and apply to your face. 
Cupids Bow
The purpose of a highlighter is to highlight certain highpoints on our face. You can make your lips look fuller by applying the highlighter on your cupids bow after applying your favorite lipstick and notice the difference. 
Brushing the Brows
Out of brow gel? No problem! Apply a small amount of hair gel on to a clean spoolie and brush your brows in place. This DIY will make sure no brow hair moves from its place until you wash the gel off! 
Curl your Lashes Faster
Heat your eyelash curler with the help of your blow dryer. Leave it for a few seconds so it cools down. Curl your eyelashes as you do normally, the heat will help with holding the curl longer and will give your eyelashes the illusion of being fluffier. HH

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