Soins aux Femme

Soins aux Femme: Monsoon Hair Tips and tricks for healthy looking hair in monsoon

With the ongoing monsoon season in Pakistan, while the weather becomes a whole lot more pleasant, the humidity affects our hair gravely leaving it frizzy with a lot of fall out. The air is loaded with huge quantities of moisture during the monsoon season. The disproportionate moisture traps dirt and filth that coats your hair strands and leaves it on your scalp as well, making the hair follicles weak leading to hair fall out during the rainy season. In this article, we will list things that you need to do so the damage can be minimized as much as possible along with a few tips and tricks to make you hair look healthier and shinier in this rainy weather. 
Protect Your Hair from Rainwater
Rainwater is every so often acidic and mostly dirty and, therefore, harmful for the hair. Keep your hair protected by wearing a water proof hat or by using an umbrella when outside in the rain. For any reason, if keeping your hair out of contact with rain water is not possible, try to wash it soon after the contact with rain water.
Keep Your Hair Dry
The percentage of humidity is high in the rainy season, so keeping your hair dry is the best solution to avoid frizz, and heaviness and lifelessness of hair. Make sure the towel you use after showering on your hair is clean and dry and avoid tying your hair while it is wet so it can dry completely in less time. 
Take Extra Care
Depending on your hair type, use products that suit your hair like serums and oils to avoid frizz and breakage, brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb, particularly when it is wet. When our hair is wet it is prone to breakage mostly at the roots, combing it gently will help your hair detangle faster, hence avoiding breakage. 

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