Soins aux Femme

Soins aux Femme: Make Your Makeup Last Through the Heat

The worst thing you can do to your skin is deprive it of a moisturizer. Usually in hotter weather, since we can’t visibly see that our skin needs moisture, we stop moisturizing. That’s why not only do we see less good makeup days but it has long term effects on the skin as well. You should start by using an oil free moisturizer in the morning. The best combination for the heat wave will be an oil free formula foundation, so your skin will look a lot less oily by the end of the day. To make your makeup last longer and not become a grease ball it is better to use a mattifying primer as well. 
Less is Definitely More 
If you don’t want your makeup to crease and look like a cake, stop layering. Your makeup likes to move around a lot when the temperature rises. Your way out of it is to apply less. When the temperature rises high, it would be rather preferred if you only applied a tinted moisturizer with a little bit of concealer and a tint. 
The Bronze Goddess
Adding warmth to your face just pulls everything together, it helps your eyes look dreamier, teeth whiter and cheeks rosier. It is recommended to use a bronzer only at the high points of your face because the sun naturally hits on these areas. If you apply it to your entire face, it’ll give you a flat, unattractive look; it will just look baked and caked. The formula recommended in summers is powder because it easily blends into your skin and lasts long. Creams, on the other hand, are more suited for winters when the skin is dry and flakey. The best option would be a powder bronzer that has varying shades for it will look a lot more natural. A trick to elongate your neck if you have short hair or your hair is tired up is to apply some bronzer to your neck as well. 
Avoid Shimmer
There is a huge difference between a glow from within and drenched in glitter. Make sure you don’t use a highlighter that is too metallic. Go for a soft cream highlighter that gives you a healthy glow. Keep the same thing in your mind for foundations. As mentioned above, use matte formulas and avoid luminous formulas unless your skin is too dry for a matte foundation. Replace shine with dewiness.
Use Stains Rather Than Heavy Lipsticks
When it’s a 100 degrees outside, like our clothes it is preferable to keep the lips light as well. A striking matte or a high shine lipstick just won’t seal the deal for you. Use tints or low shine lipsticks. 
Keep it Waterproof
Whether it’s a mascara or foundation, use a waterproof version so your makeup doesn’t budge with a little sweat or even a dip in water. A budge proof eyeliner would also be ideal. But I guess that’s ideal for all seasons! 
Make Your Eyeshadow Last Longer
Wearing an eyeshadow primer increases the longevity of your eye makeup by a 100%. If you just apply a cream eyeshadow, it will fall apart in just a couple of hours. You can prime your eyes with a concealer too if you don’t want to go out and buy an eye primer separately. After applying your primer pop on a crème eyeshadow; if you layer it with a powder eye shadow, it most definitely will last you the entire day. You can do the doubling up technique with eyeliner as well. Apply your regular eye liner and then use a tiny angled brush with powder shadow on top of the eye liner.
Lock It and Forget It!
Ever since setting sprays were launched, the makeup game went to a whole new level. Winter, summer, spring or autumn, setting your makeup with a setting is always a good idea, but when it’s raining fireballs outside, a setting spray becomes mandatory. You should opt for a mattifying setting spray rather than a dewy one because it will affect your entire makeup to the extent that you’d either want to wash it off with in an hour or want to keep it even long after the sun has gone down. HH

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