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Soins aux Femme: How to Get Rid of Body Acne

Waking up to pimples on your back, tummy or legs is very distressing as if face acne wasn’t enough. At some point in life, almost all of us have faced the issues of body acne. Don’t stress about it, there’s a solution to body acne just like there is for facial acne. The key however, is patience.

Identifying Body Acne
According to Dr Alan Parks, founder of DermWarehouse, body acne may appear in the shape of painful bumps or small pimples full of pus. Body acne is no different from facial acne. It appears because of excessive oil being produced by glands, dead skin cells and their debris. All of that combined becomes the unsurpassed habitat for bacteria to grow and cause body acne and inflammation. 
Fighting Body Acne
Another side effect of acne is scarring, which is a constant reminder of the horrors we face for the rest of our lives. To avoid that, once you’ve identified any acne, try to resist the urge of popping them, as it will increase the likelihood of scarring. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to stop body acne:
Double Cleansing
Double cleansing and the facial ritual of using one cleanser after the other isn’t just a beauty hack for your face, it can do wonders for body acne as well. Double cleaning isn’t something you can do on a daily basis as it could become too tough for your skin and can damage the skin barrier, but twice a week can do wonders. It will help you get rid of dead skin cells along with excessive oil and debris, the driving forces for acne. Using body washes packed with ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide will help in fighting and preventing acne. 
Avoid Scrubbing the Skin
Scrubbing your skin harder doesn’t make it any cleaner. Just like scratching your pimples or rubbing loofah harshly on acne prone skin will do more bad than good. Not only it will cause scarring, but also weaken the skin barrier. It makes the skin vulnerable to bacteria increasing the risk of breakouts. One thing you need to make certain of is to change your loofah every month since it is full of bacteria and we know how that ends. 
Avoid Heavy Moisturizers 
Body moisturizers with rich emollients like coconut oil are more harmful for your body than useful. If your body is prone to acne, chances are it is already overproducing oil, so adding an ingredient like shea butter will only clog your pores further. 
Exercise and Hygiene
If you are prone to body acne and you’re into fitness training, there are some things you need to make certain that they aren’t becoming the reason for your body acne. After a heavy workout, you need to get out of your gym clothes as soon as possible. Staying in gym clothes can lead to bacterial as well as fungal infections. The places most at risk are those in skin folds, where occlusive workout clothes tend to hug.
Dry Out That Towel
As dirty as it sounds, after every shower, all the dead skin you shed is kind of stuck in your towel. A wet towel gives rise to the generation of bacteria-friendly environment. The towel should be washed and dried often to counter the formation of body acne. HH

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