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Soins aux Femme: How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Using makeup brushes and achieving an airbrushed makeup look is all fun and games until you have to clean all the makeup off the brushes. As far as eye brushes are concerned, they could be categorized in different groups, for example which three or two brushes are for darker shades, highlighter, glitter, etc., and washing them could be delayed. They should be washed at least once every month depending on their usage. Face brushes, on the other hand, need to be washed a lot more often, again depending on their usage. In this article, we will help you figure out the most cost-effective way of cleaning makeup brushes, and something that everyone can do without being a pro. 
First of all, take a container. Make sure it is see-through (a glass container would be most preferable). Fill it with enough water so that only the bristles of the brush sink in and not a centimeter more. Brush bristles are glued from the inside; avoid any fluid contact with the glue because it will make the brush fall apart. Add a liquid dishwashing detergent and mix in with the water. Generally, three drops should be enough for eye brushes, four should be enough for face brushes. It is very important that the formula used is kept under consideration because harsh formulas will damage the bristles; hence, a hand wash or washing detergent is not recommended. If you are willing to splurge on an actual brush washing solution, that would be best, your second choice, however, should be a dishwashing liquid soap. 
Take a brush and slightly swirl it inside the container making sure it is not pressed inside too hard. You will notice the water change its colour instantly. Repeat the process a few times till the brush is clean. This process will thoroughly clean the brushes (textured silicon mats are also available in the market that can be used by rubbing the brush on them and cleaning it of all residue). Use this water for two to three brushes. If they are not too dirty, you can use it for even four brushes. When its unusable, empty the container. Refill with clean water, and now, one by one, the brushes that had just been dipped in the solution should be swirled gently in clean water. 

Repeat this process thrice for each brush individually to ensure no residue is left. Next, take a paper towel, press and hold each brush individually again so that excess water can be dried out. When done, put the brushes upside down in a standing position.  
When all your brushes are clean, take a blow dryer and run it at its lowest speed. Hold each brush sideways and dry all of them out one after the other. Once they are all dried out, line them up upside down in a standing position and leave them over night just in case they are not fully dry. In the morning you should have clean, good as new brushes! HH

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