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Soins aux Femme: Hair Extensions

Hair extensions do not come cheap and the market can most definitely overwhelm you. So it is very important to have a proper guide before you invest in hair extensions. There are two basic types of hair extensions available in the market: synthetic extensions and human hair extensions. 

Synthetic extensions are less expensive in comparison to human hair. Unfortunately, synthetic hair extensions have more cons than pros. Synthetic extensions cannot be colored using dye neither can they be styled with heat. They are coated with silicon to give them a glossy finish, which fades away eventually. They last a month with frequent use and three months at maximum if not used daily. However, if you use them occasionally, they could be a good investment provided that you take excellent care of them.
Human hair extensions on the other hand can last up to six to twelve months. But the best part is that human hair extension cuticles face the same way as real hair, therefore they appear to be more natural and are able to blend in flawlessly. They can easily be styled with heat and you can also dye them without any worry. With that being said, these extensions usually come with a hefty price tag.
Types of Extensions
Fusion hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions, also known as pre-bonded extensions, are most commonly used. The name is self-explanatory; they are applied to the roots of the hair with the help of an adhesive and keratin. Therefore, they are the most damaging as well. The process of applying these can take four to six hours with the help of a professional but they stay intact for six months. But taking them off also requires the help of an expert.
Weave hair extensions
Weave hair extensions are best for girls with thick locks. Reason being, they are a little hard to blend with natural hair since they take a lot of hair to cover up. The process of applying a weave is a little harder in comparison to other types of hair extensions. Natural hair is braided into a row and then the extensions are attached with the help of a needle and a thread. These extensions suit most types of hair but sometimes if they are applied tightly they can damage the scalp. Hence, girls with finer hair should avoid them.
Tape hair extensions
These semi-permanent hair extensions are usually of low quality and can be used for six to twelve weeks only. They are very easy to apply unlike the fusion hair extensions. They are pre-taped and can be sandwiched to either side of your hair. Keep in mind tying up your hair after applying these can be a problem as the hair extensions tend to appear more prominent and untidy.
Loop hair extensions
Also known as the micro link, these are applied to the hair by looping them through natural hair. These extensions tend to move up and down. But one very prominent disadvantage of these extensions is that they can damage hair and cause breakage.
How to Care for Your Hair Extensions?
Both synthetic and natural hair extensions need a lot of care. There are multiple opinions about how to take care of hair extensions so people are not hundred percent sure how they should go about it. Here are a few steps to ensure the longevity of your extensions in a few simple steps.
Separating extension bonds
Run your fingers slowly through your hair extensions so that there are no tangles, preferably at least once a day. It will take no more than a few minutes. If your hair extensions are tangled, they can easily break.
Wash your hair extensions
Everyone knows washing your hair extensions is important, but it is important to know how to wash them. Using a regular shampoo and conditioner can be damaging. There are a wide range of shampoos and conditioners either specifically for hair extensions or they are designed to suit your natural hair and extensions. These special products do not cause them to loosen up, fall out or break apart.
Brushing your hair extensions
Brushing your hair extensions is essential. Make sure you use brushes made especially for extensions so that they do not affect their bonds or cause them damage.
Do not sleep wearing your hair extensions
If you use clip on hair extensions then make sure you never sleep with them because this can cause your extension to tangle and if you have permanent extensions make sure you do not fall asleep while they are wet because this will cause both, tangles and will cause them to lose their shine. HH

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