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Soins aux Femme: Hair Color

Hair coloring has always been a fashion statement for many. It instantly gives a new look to your personality. It is a cosmetic process used to look trendy or hide grey hair. There are four basic types of hair coloring that you will see almost everywhere. These include babylights, lowlights, ombre and balayage.
If you’re looking to making an appointment at the salon, this might be a guide to help you opt what you want your hair to look like. 

This hair technique is created to mimic soft dimensional hair color of children’s hair. These highlights can be applied to any hair color or hair type. Like ombre and balayage, babylights are low maintenance.
The different types of babylights are:
Natural thin highlights:
These highlights best suit people with fine hair to help and create a more natural effect. For this, a very substantially light shade isn’t used; just a shade or maybe two shades lighter than your original hair color is used. Face facing hair stripes are taken and dyed. 

Peek-a-boo highlights:
These highlights are the least damaging type. They require no bleaching since most of hair damage comes from bleaching your hair. In this highlighting technique, hair is painted with a free hand randomly by the artist. The final look, looks as if locks are peeking out, hence the name peek-a-boo.   

Anyone with blonde or light brown hair base is a legitimate candidate for lowlights. This is because lowlights are the process of adding a shade darker to your hair. If you have black or brown hair then this type of highlight is not for you.

In this hair technique, dark color is added at the roots till the mid-shaft and then slowly lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. This technique is achieved by the help of the balayage technique and so is for people who prefer low maintenance.


With the use of a free hand, color is painted into the hair. It gives an exceptionally blended and natural look. And unlike every other hair coloring , with time as hair grows out the balayage starts to merge more into the hair and gives it an even more beautiful look.  This hair coloring technique best suits people who don’t have the time for or even resources to go to the salon every month for touch ups.HH

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