Soins aux Femme: Guide to Perfect Lashes

The right pair of eye lashes can immediately open your eyes and make them look bigger and brighter. But the wrong pair can do the exact opposite. Therefore, it is essential to find lashes that fit your eye shape and flatter them.
There are two types of eye lashes available in the market: individual and strip lashes. Individual lashes are the ones that come separately. You have to stick them on your eyelash band separately till your desired lash volume, length and curl is attained. Whereas strip eyelashes come as one unit and are placed as one on the eyelash band. Individual eyelashes are best suited for people with experience such as makeup artists because they can be tricky to handle whereas strip lashes can be mastered by anyone after just a little practice. H0wever, whichever kind of eyelashes you use, make sure they are the right kind for your eye type.

Deep set eyes
Deep set eyes are eyes which are set deeper into the skull with a prominent brow bone. You’re lucky! You can add all the drama with your lashes since the brow bone is more prominent with these eyes, a heavier, more intense, dramatic eyelash would suit them best. 

Round eyes

Round eyes have a very visible crease. Creating a cat-eye shape helps round eyes look more flattering. Therefore, choosing eyelashes that can help give a cat-eye illusion will suit round eyes best. Winged lashes that go along with your lash band will keep the eye from looking flat.

Hooded eyes

An extra layer of skin droops on the crease, because of which the eyelid appears to be smaller. Such a pair of eyes is called hooded eyes. Lashes that taper at the end and are longer from the center of the strip can do the trick for hooded eyes. This will give your eyes more depth. Avoid super dramatic lashes, which will make your eyes look smaller.

Almond eyes
If you have almond eyes, consider yourself lucky. Most eyelashes suit this pair of eyes. Separate lashes at the very ends of your eye band can help your eyes look more beautiful. If you opt for strip lashes, choose lashes that are crisscrossed at the ends as it gives more volume.

Downturned eyes

When the outer corner of the eyes is lower than the inner corner then the eyes are said to be downturned eyes.  If a dramatic heavy lash is applied to down turned eyes they can appear as very tired and sleepy, therefore, look for lashes that are soft and natural looking, to give an opened eye effect.  HH

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