Soins aux Femme

Soins aux Femme: Beauty Trends 2022s

Every year something we didn’t see the previous year, takes the beauty industry by storm. This spring it is all about bold looks. We’ll be listing all the trends you can try this spring to look chic and trendy. 
Glitter, Gloss and the Usual
Eye catching glitter and embellishments have been all the rage since 2019, after the launch of Euphoria. You can use clear or milky glosses to rock your glittery, sparkly eye makeup. 
If you’re not in the mood of something too fancy, the regular spring shades of peach, coral, pink, soft terracotta, and sheer reds are still frontrunners. An easy way to create the trending monochromatic flushed look is by using the same shade on your eyelids, cheeks and lips. You can easily find budget friendly or high end tints to create such a look. 
Metallic looks will also be in the front row this year. Brands are coming out with ultra-metallic shades and beauty gurus are predicting their use all year round, with their potency so high, you don’t need to be a pro to create a jaw dropping look. 
Sun-Kissed and Freckled!
Remember, everyone wanted to get rid of freckles and avoid going out in the sun so their skin was freckle free? Well that era is no more! Sun-kissed skin with mild freckles is what’s trending these days. You can simply draw freckles on your skin while still avoiding going into the sun bare face. There are plenty of products in the market that can help you achieve a mild sun-kissed bronze look rather than a sharp contour. Go out and explore!
Blush to Lift
Let’s take a trip back to the 80’s, shall we? Applying the blush all the way up to the temples is what it’s all about!  Essentially a blush on brings life back to your face, if you drape it from the apple of your cheeks to the cheekbones, all the way to the temples and helps give your face a lifted look. The technique for this is to build up colour as needed and not go all in at once. 
The Natural Look
Lately, embracing one’s own skin has been the focus, and for good reason. A lot of brands are introducing sheer skin products in terms of foundation, through which your real skin will still peek through, with lightly flushed cheeks and natural glow kind of highlighters. Nothing is more beautiful than your own self, let it shine through!
Coloured Eyeliner with Bright Colours for Hair and Face
As much as a natural makeup look is satisfying and flawless, it’s rousing to see saturated hues of colour resurge the beauty industry. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the masks on, a pop of colour is all we need. Bold eye makeup as well as popping hair colours have been trending; this spring, bold eyeliners are also frontrunners and they can help accentuate the shape of your eye beautifully. You should go for an emerald tone eyeliner instead of your usual black or brown one with a few coats of the same coloured mascara for an instant mood lift! 
Dewy Skin 
The best news of 2022 is that dewy skin is here to stay. Dewy skin has been the center of attention in the beauty industry for four years now, back benching matte looks. Your No. 1 makeup goal should be glowing, natural looking healthy skin. Beauty brands all over the world are focusing on bringing the best foundation, packed with skin loving ingredients and a sheer, glowy formula, giving you lots and lots of options to choose from. Dewy skin with natural looking glossy, rose cheeks and eyeshadows are the way to go. To finish the look, you can use a cream highlighter to give a healthy glow or use a balm on the high points of your cheeks to achieve a glass-like appearance. Complete the look with glossy lips and be out the door! HH

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