Soins aux Femme

Soins aux Femme: Winter Makeup Trends, 2022

With the season changing, cool breeze in the air, chilly mornings, winter approaching, beauty trends are also changing. Below, we will list the beauty trends that are trending this fall. However, it cannot be stressed enough that no matter what is trending, you should always stick to what looks best on you. Sometimes, in keeping up with the trends, it is easy for a person to get carried away. A face full of all the trends that do not work well together on your face will not look very flattering. 
Fresh Skin
Fresh skin has been trending for quite some time now, and it is safe to say this fall the trend continues. If you are watching a red carpet or fashion shows, the fresh look is always the show stopper. To rock the fresh skin makeup look, you can either use very minimal makeup or products that are specifically created for such a look. 
Bold Lips
Bold lipsticks have always been a thing of the winter. Red, berries, burnt orange, etc., are the colors that you can rock any day of the winter season. Go for matte lips with long wear formulas so they can last you through the entire day. 
Fluffy Brows and Lashes    
Just like fresh looking skin, fluffy brows or soap brows have been trending since forever; they continue to be in the driver’s seat of the makeup cab this winter as well. To achieve fluffy brows all you need to do is get a gel formula or soap strong enough to last the whole day and just swipe up. Lashes just like the brows, the fluffier the better! The focus, however, is on the outer edge this winter. The more drama in your lashes, the better!
Bold Blush
Just like your lips, a bold blush over the apple of your cheeks, up high to your temples till your brow bones, blended in seamlessly is what you should be doing this winter. One should aim for flushed cheeks with a heavy blush over all.  
Sapphire Eye Makeup
This year, blue eye makeup is the color of the season on the runways! In case you are thinking of powder blue from the 90s, do not freak out, we are talking about electric blue, if you are going for a bold look. If not, iridescent, periwinkle wash of blue or ice blue is the way to go, or even greens. Try to stick to jewel tones. 
Smudged Eye Shadow
Smudged eyeshadow is trending this fall. Creams and shadows both are being used by makeup artists while showcasing on the runways. Messy or blended, smudged eye makeup is the way to go as the days get colder.
Dramatic Eyeliner
Most drama in makeup is usually saved for the winters, dramatic eyeliner is back once again. Winged or otherwise a dramatic eyeliner will get you through this winter not only over the eyes but under as well. Underline your eyes with kohl for a more dramatic look.
Soft Contour
The harsh contours, which were always at the peak in the winter season have taken a back seat this fall. A soft and subtle contour is what you are looking for. Just a soft wash of warmth. Do not go too many shades dark and harsh. Same goes for your concealer. Try not to play the brightening game too strong, stick to a concealer that matches very closely to your foundation in the lighter shade to conceal the under eyes. 
Stand Out Nails
While we are talking about makeup, let’s not leave the nails out. Nail art is anticipated to go fancier and more beautiful with vibrant colors. Throughout different fashion shows to kick off this fall, runways were exhibited with models having incredible nail art. HH

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