Soins aux Femme

Soins aux Femme: Makeup Tips for the Winter Season

When the wind turns cool from hot and humid, along with the weather, the light changes as well. All this brings certain changes to your skin, making it dry, prone to dry spots and much more. With everything changing, for flawless looking make up we must ensure the products we use are in sync with the changing weather. Keep reading to find the six best tried and tested ways to keep your winter beauty routine looking fresh and beautiful throughout the cold spell.   
Prep the Skin
The combination of the heating inside our houses and the cold weather when we step out, dries out our skin out badly. Prepping the skin for makeup does not only include a hydrating prime; make sure your night skin care routine nourishes and moisturizes your skin deeply. Our skin, while we sleep, heal the most, so make sure you take maximum benefit of the natural healing hours for better looking skin. Follow your morning routine and ensure that your skin is conditioned before you cleanse, tone and apply your day time cream and sunblock. Apply a moisturizing primer before putting on your makeup and you should be good to go.  
Keep the Makeup Light
The drying effects of winter can make your skin looking like cake if too much makeup is layered or if you are using a heavy foundation. Use a light weight foundation, with a hydrating formula. You can also add a bit of moisturizer to your foundation or any skin oil keeping in mind the amount of moisture your specific skin type requires. Make sure you do not end up highlighting dry patches on your face with your foundation or any other product that follows. 
Keep the Lips Moisturized
While lip balms and scrubbing your lips is necessary to get rid of dead skin, ensure that the lip products you use are not drying them out. Bolder colors are a thing of the winter, since your skin makeup is already minimal, try experimenting with dark colors like berries, reds and plums with moisturizing formulas.  
Waterproof Makeup
Cold winds can easily tear up your eyes and so can flu. Make sure the mascara or concealer you use is waterproof to avoid any inconvenience that may occur. 
Add Some Color to the Cheeks
Most people do not prefer bronzing in the winter season, whether you are one of those individuals or not, make sure you add a pop of color to your cheeks. If you are planning on keeping your lips lighter, you can go bolder with the blush on. However, the best color for your cheeks in the winters, when your skin pale, a rosy shade that suits your skin tone best. It will make your complexion look more natural and make your makeup appear subtler.  
Avoid the Use of Powders
While powders help your makeup stay in place during the scorching heat of the summers, they would not be necessary in your winter beauty routine. Powders will not only suck out any oil on your face but will also highlight your dry spots. Make sure you use liquid products in the winters. From your foundation to your highlighter to your blush on, liquids are preferred over creams but if you have creams they’ll make do as well. Not only for the face but also try to use cream eye shadows or crayons for your eyes because powders can extenuate the texture on your eyes. 
Integrate these tips into your winter makeup routine and you can have dewy looking healthy skin regardless, even in the harsh winters. HH

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