Soins aux Femme

Soins aux Femme Skin Routine and Make Up

Winter means losing a lot of skin moisture if not safeguarded properly. For your skin to stay hydrated, there’s a lot you need to do other than just using your regular moisturizers. You should start with eating foods that contain Omega 3, for example tuna, salmon and flaxseed oil. Omega 3 helps retain skin moisture and keeps it hydrated. Other foods that help keep skin hydrated, include almonds, walnuts, avocados and apples. If getting your hands on any of the above mentioned is hard, lots and lots of water is key to not just healthy but hydrated skin as well. Moreover, use products that will help keep your skin moisturized. In the morning you should start by cleansing your face before washing. Any gentle cleanser will do the trick. After washing use some type of a Beta Hydrated Acid (BHA) on damp wet face to contain natural skin moisture. Don’t wait for your skin to dry to apply your moisturizer because dry air sucks the moisture out of the skin. BHA’s are great for acne prone skin, since they reduce skin sebum. Winters come hand in hand with skin ageing. Eyes grow old the fastest, hence, keeping the skin around them moisturized is the key. Finding the right eye and lip oil that suit you is important.

After that, apply your most loved moisturizer. Ointment styled moisturizers will work best for extremely dry skin, i.e., moisturizers that are made of 80% oils. They would usually include mineral oils and lanolin. If your skin is slightly dry, cream moisturizers would work best. Look for moisturizers including jojoba, coconut oil, and petroleum. At all costs avoid moisturizers that include skin pealing ingredients like retinoid and alpha-hydroxyl acids. Ending your morning routine with a moisturizing mist or rose water is a good idea.

Winters can be really rough on your skin, so washing your face just twice a day with a face  wash is enough. Before going to bed, repeat the whole routine. If you still feel like your skin is dry, adding a little retinol oil to your face would do the trick. Make sure you’re eating a balanced diet with vitamins A, B, C and D, otherwise, you might just be covering the skin from the outside and not the inside.

With the wedding season approaching, the biggest concern not just for brides but every female attending a wedding, is for their makeup to be on point. Here’s our try to guide you to a flawless wedding look. Shall we start with the foundation? More luminous foundations, with rosy blushed cheeks, mild highlights and bronzing are a thing of the summer, but in the winter season matte foundations with bolder contours are what you should opt for. Winters should call for vampy lips and lighter eyes, wouldn’t you agree? All shades of reds and berry would do the trick. When putting more focus on the lips it is a good idea for eye makeup to be as neutral and light as possible. Moderate brown edges with pink, gold, copper or neutral glitter/satin eye shadow covered lids would be ideal. Where almost all neutral warm eye shadows flatter all skin tones, finding the perfect highlight shade for every specific skin tone is vital. Silver-pink highlight shades would suit paler skin tones, more gold would suit women with darker skins. Whichever suits you best, make sure it’s as blinding as can be, yet not harsh. Blushes usually should only be used as suited. If it’s pinks for you then it’ll only be pinks regardless of the weather, if mauve then mauve and so on.HH

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