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Skin Care for Summer

Summers are beautiful and bright but most importantly hot. The summer skin care routine will focus more on skin protection against the harmful sun rays and keeping the oils at bay.

Starting the day with washing your face is very important. Get rid of any of the treatments you might have applied the previous night. Never skip this step since the products you applied the night prior may begin to clog your pores and damage your skin. Mostly, night skin care products include acid that can harm our skin in the sunlight. Also the summer heat makes your skin oilier, so getting rid of that oil is important. But it should always be kept under consideration while buying a face wash that it is not too harsh for your particular skin type.

Toners help keep your skin oil free throughout the day and balance your skin’s PH levels. Don’t dry your face with a towel, just pat it dry and after applying the toner wait for it to completely absorb into your skin before moving to the next step.

Usually people use moisturizers directly after washing the face but it is a good idea to apply serums before moisturizers. Serums immediately sink into the skin as compared to creams and help prep your skin for moisturizers. Buy a serum that will work for your skin problems or will work for your specific skin type. 

Skipping moisturizer after the serum or generally even if no serum was applied earlier, is a bad idea. Moisturizers keep your skin hydrated and skin hydration is important regardless of the season. If you have oily skin use oil free moisturizers: if dry, then vice versa. 

Sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Therefore, this step in your routine is vital and under no circumstance should it be missed. You can either choose a sunscreen of your own choosing or you could ask a dermatologist to prescribe you one after examining what will work best for your skin type. If the right SPF is not used, it can irritate the skin.  

Eye cream:
The sun can darken any dark circles you may have. The best way to avoid the damage is by applying eye creams. 

Primers help give your skin a flawless canvas depending on what they can be used for. There is a variety of primers out in the market: pore minimizing, mattifying, blurring, illuminating, etc. Buy whichever you may think you need or apply a combination of them depending on different areas of your face. But this step is not a compulsion so do as you please. HH

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