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Resin Craft for Beginners

If you love to make gifts for friends and family, resin is a useful craft to know. With resin it is possible to make some very beautiful stuff. Make anything from jewelry to trays and cake stands to table tops!

The joy of resin is that each piece is so close to your heart, and is unique. With the glitter, gold foil, dried flowers to fresh flowers, creativity is endless!
What is Resin? 
Epoxy resin is a solution composed of two parts: resin and hardener, usually in the ratio of 2:1. When these two are combined, a chemical reaction occurs, causing them to fuse and form a substance that resembles plastic. After the resin has fully cured, it transforms into a remarkably robust substance that offers exceptional versatility, ease of use and durability. 
How to use Resin Safely? 
If you are new to creating resin art, it is advisable to begin on a smaller scale. But before you do, follow some basic safety rules to use resin. 
•    Make sure your work space is ventilated 
•    Use gloves 
•    Wear a mask 
Resin can vary in smell but some may be odorless. With all resin, fumes are released that you may not be able to smell. If you notice any sort of skin irritation or breathing problems, stop using resin immediately.
DIY Wooden Resin Tray 
•    Take one raw wooden tray wipe it with wet cloth and paint it in your favorite color. Use chalk paint for better results. Once you are done with your paint let it dry.
•    Plan in advance and project how you want your tray to look like. You can use dried flowers, fresh flowers, stickers or glitter, etc.
•    Mix your resin in the ratio of two parts resin to one part hardener. Mix well and then pour first layer in your wooden tray. If you have painted your tray with a design, then you don’t need more layers one would be enough but for dried flowers, stickers, glitters you might need a few more layers. Arrange your decorations in to your tray and then pour the second layer of resin. Leave it for 24 hours. 
•    When your resin has hardened, use clear varnish to bring shine to your product and to secure the wood from any damage. HH


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