Passing Out of 17th Lady Cadet Course

Pakistani women from across the country are being inducted by Pakistan Army for Lady Cadets Course since 2006 and are playing a key role in serving their country after passing out as officers of Pakistan Army from Pakistan Military Academy (PMA). April 10, 201, marked the graduation of 17th Lady Cadet Course Passing Out Parade, which was held at PMA, Kakul — The Cradle of Leadership. 

Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Nadeem Raza graced the occasion as the chief guest. While congratulating the graduating cadets for successful completion of their training, he advised the graduating cadets to keep themselves abreast with latest challenges and the only way to meet these challenges is through professional prowess and dedication as the nation pins high hopes on Armed Forces of Pakistan. 17 Lady Cadets graduated this year; two Lady Cadets from Sri Lanka — Samra Koon and Weera Koon — were also among the graduating cadets. The Commandant’s Cane was awarded to Course Under Officer Hajira Khan.

Some of the graduating Lady Cadets (now officers) shared their thoughts about becoming Lady Officers with us:
Capt Maimoona Khalid
Passing out from Pakistan Military Academy as a Lady Officer of Pakistan Army feels like a dream come true, yet I am under a gripping nostalgia as I am no more in Pakistan Military Academy, my alma mater, my haven, anymore. And I am not surrounded by a platoon of my selfless, empathetic comrades. But, I am absolutely thrilled to be embarking upon this new journey of life, for which I strived during the training duration. Being able to wear khaki with the ranks of an officer has a different charm to it. I aspire to be a valuable asset to all the setups that the military associates me with. May Allah be my guide in this momentous journey.
Capt Sumayyah Mukhtar
Coming to PMA was definitely a journey into a new world. I was unaware of my inner potential and the endurance that my mind and body possessed. We as a course came with high hopes and strong determination. Having passed out from the academy now, we feel that we have achieved the unthinkable. We have become better, stronger versions of ourselves. And all of us have a strong resolve to put our best foot forward into our service as officers in the Pakistan Army.

Capt Tayyaba Paracha
Applying for Armed Forces of Pakistan was indeed a big step given the challenges it would bring along, however as the selection process gradually progressed, my desire to secure the position grew stronger. Landing in PMA was a whole experience and the challenges that came with it pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to grow. I progressed through the training and explored my potential in terms of physical training, sustaining pressure and surviving under mental strain. The outdoor activities, exams, PT and rigorous routine transformed me into a better version of myself, apt to be an officer worth Pakistan Army. I feel fortuitous to be a part of the strongest and most resilient army in the world and aspire to play my part in raising the bar of the institution. I take my commission as an opportunity to serve my country and I am affirmative that my training at PMA will help me succeed in fulfilling my purpose.
Capt Rida Zahra Khan
I feel blessed to be selected by the top-notch institution of Pakistan. My course mates and I have spent six months together and now as we join our respective corps, we have mixed emotions of excitement and determination to serve our homeland, while we embark upon our professional lives, scattered in various cities of Pakistan. I wish them all good luck. I look forward to put my all efforts and energy in serving  my country  in to the best of my abilities. HH


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