Mothers - The Beauty of Life

Mother's Day Messages

Mothers are god’s gift to humanity. I enjoy every minute of my life knowing my mother fully supports me. I am a true copy of her personality, but her generosity and love far exceed mine. We revere our own mothers, but all elder women should enjoy that same respect. Let’s make a pact on this Mothers’ Day to honor everyone’s mother. Let’s also take a vow to root out all foul words from our language that impugn mothers.

Dr. Fouzia Saeed

Mothers are the strength and have an astonishing beauty that encompasses the very essence of the universe. If it were not for them the world would neither have heroes nor stories of love. For it is their love that defines all life. To love your mother is to give life its meaning.

Dr. Maria Sultan

A mother is one who cares for us, the one who cries with us and is joyous for us. We are born from her grace, she gives us our identity, our pride, our reasons to strive, our mother is the one who loves unconditionally.
Happy Mother’s Day! 

Dr. Amineh Hoti

My first drop of blood, my first heartbeat, my first breath, my very existence; all entwined so inextricably to you because I was, I am and will always be a part of you! You taught me how to walk, talk and later to walk the talk. You gave me lessons in virtue and values, separating white from black to a mind that was clouded with grey. You attuned my ears to music, my eyes to awareness, my heart to compassion, my mind to analysis, my aesthetics to appreciation and my soul to unwavering, unquestionable faith!
My teacher, mentor, best friend, soulmate, companion, inspiration, role model, my mother — I miss you so much but I know you are there in my very existence! 

 Hina Khawaja Bayat

Every day is Mothers’ Day. Blessed are those who get a taste of paradise in this world for a mother’s lap is no less. Appreciate it while she is with you and extend the love and care to the less fortunate in her memory when she is no more.

Dr. Aisha Anees Malik

Mothers are the greatest teachers as their lessons begin at birth and last a lifetime. They include love, compassion, friendship, and humanity. Their love for their children and their influence on their lives never ends. ‘A good mother is worth a hundred teachers.’
God bless all mothers.

Ameena Saiyid

There aren’t enough words to express appreciation for the mother who gives birth to us, prays for her loved ones, worries about all, guides and supports unconditionally. Mother! You’re undoubtedly Allah’s most precious gift to the world and his finest masterpiece who makes our house a home! You’re the anchor of our family who keeps us grounded. I owe my existence to you and thank you from the core of my heart for all that you’ve done and continue doing for me. I hope you’re proud of me and the person I have become.

Hamd Shahab

A debt never paid!
There are no words to express the gratitude for mothers . There is no love to substitute unconditional the pure and altruistic love of a mother. There is no amount of time to compensate for the time invested by a mother. The most we do, does not even match the least she does! To all the Ammis, the Ammas, the Baybays, the Mums, the Moms out there we are forever grateful for your non-stop, never ending, unlimited 24/7 love, care, toil and devotion to your children. We remain forever indebted!
Maavaan thandiaan chaavaan! 

  Dr. Saadia Abid

Where a woman herself has the strength and resilience to break stereotypes, as a mother her role and persona totally change. She dons multiple hats, she is a mother, a teacher, a custodian, guide, companion and above all a friend. She has the softest of images, she is all love and affection but she can prove to be the strongest, toughest and most formidable when it comes to protecting and securing her brood. 
She will break the taboos and her inhibitions and prove her mettle. She will also play the protector and a father when the need arises, but at the end of the day, she will be the epitome of warmth, comfort and compassion. How else can we humans perceive the ultimate benevolence of our mighty creator? Happy Mother’s Day!

   Dr. Salma Malik

Love, compassion, empathy and protective instincts are few of the many built in attributes which are associated to motherhood only. Women in different roles may have different place and value in each society but respect and love for a mother is significantly considered on top of all the ranks in all cultures, religions as well as social classes. Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the beautiful ladies in my life who made me who I am today.    

Dr. Izzah Khan

When I was asked to write about mothers , and I immediately responded 'sure' thinking ‘what’s so difficult about that’ Now I sit here completely blank and I suddenly realized that we truly take our mothers for granted, and hence the sheer immaturity  of my response. How could I forget the sleepless nights she encountered without an iota of remorse just to alleviate my frantic crying of infant helplessness? That loving relentless cuddle of protection that kept me safe from all harm. How could I forget those days of ignorance, frustration and futility as she stood by me? Mothers are the sacred earth we carelessly trample upon but they still smile. Many hurdles I have crossed, many moments of grief I have stumble upon, many challenges I have faced, she has been there to hold me. And in my moments of being alone I think of all this and realize that if paradise is under your feet then I am safe.

 Huma Fakhar

Mothers are royalty guised as commoners. Their every thought and action is the embodiment of love and compassion even when gently rebuking a naughty child. They are virtually the physical manifestation of a timeless deity in the way they selflessly give with no intent of receiving. They shape up a better future for the world by imbuing their little ones with love and kindness. A force of nature to be reckoned with, they are the fierce winds of a hurricane in all its glory yet they are as softened at the edges with a spine of steel. They are essentially a merciful gift of God to their children.HH

Shaza Ummar

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