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It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!

Since winter has already loosened its grip and allowed us to come out of the cozy corners of our homes, let's tighten our grip on cleaning supplies to give spring a warm welcome in a spick and span house. If you are a cleaning freak, you must be excited to start the task, but even if you are lazy or not much into cleaning, you too are going to like this freshening up as a result of spring cleaning, having had enough of idleness in winters. Neater surroundings are bound to liven you up. 
Overhauling the complete household might appear to be a daunting task, but don’t be overwhelmed by it. We are not supposed to do it all in a single day; take one step at a time, keep going and soon you will be touching the winning post, even if it takes up half the month of March. 
How to Go About It
One Room at a Time
There are different approaches available, which can be opted for the spring-cleaning of your house. What I find practical is a room-to-room approach because every room has its own specific needs. But before focusing on a single room, let's start with what is common to all. 
The Roof Comes First, Then Down the Walls
For starters, consider cleaning all the ceiling fans, light fixtures and electricity boards around the house. A word of precaution: always use a stable household ladder to reach the ceiling fans and light fixtures, etc. A DIY setting made out of tables and chairs can cause slips and falls during the process, injuring you badly.
Next comes the cleaning of walls, inside of ceilings, doors, ventilators, windows, wall clocks and other hangings, not to mention the cobwebs that have built up all winter. Windows need the utmost attention as they have remained closed for months. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from window sills and window tracks. Window panes can be sprayed with water-vinegar mix and wiped with old newspapers afterwards. 
Beat the Dust Out
When you’re done, now is the time to get to the curtains, carpets and rugs; sort them out carefully. Some of them can be easily
washed at home, while some need to go for dry cleaning. Some require vacuuming, while others need a good thrashing to get the dust out. Some of these might only need to be put in the sun. Avoid dusting the rugs in the room otherwise, the fine dust will settle all over again.
Tidy Up
Once you are done with the above-mentioned chores, start cleaning one area at a time and try to cater to its specific needs. The kitchen is a good place to start with as there is relatively more to do. It is the place that has served you steaming hot tea, coffee, soups, etc, through gloomy, winter evenings. Put to use all those kitchen hacks you've been watching without budging. Clean countertops, the cooking range, fridge, microwave oven and other appliances. Work hard to remove the greased smeared on the exhaust fan. Moreover, check the kitchen cabinets, pantry and deep freezer, etc. Remove all the expired items shoved there unattended and those that are still usable but you don't have any plans to use them anytime soon.
As for bedrooms, wash those beddings and blankets that did their best to provide you with extra warmth before you put them back in the cupboards for the next winter season. Remember to change the side of the mattress.
If you have bedsheets with floral patterns, give them a chance to collaborate with the arrival of the spring.
No doubt, in winter the most used part of the house after the bedrooms is either the living room or the study room, depending on the taste of the dwellers. Dust all the books, allow them to sit in the sun for some hours and then put them back. As for furniture polish the wooden parts with a good product available in the market. Move all the furniture to
clean under it and behind it.
Do you think a cleaning program would be complete without decluttering? No way! In fact, decluttering comes first. When you have fewer items, you need less cleaning, however, if your house is a little too overstuffed, it requires seasonal decluttering. Have a tour around the house to take out all the items that are no longer in use or you have outgrown their need. 
Collect old magazines from the living room and give them away to the people who are interested in reading. You can easily find such people either by creating a post on social media or scrolling down your contact list. Take a critical look at your closet to give away your extra clothes and shoes and since the weather is changing, now is the perfect time to do so. 
It is always better not to postpone cleaning to the end of the season; small steps, taken daily, keep your house tidy and clutter-free. For this, you can assign 30 minutes daily to tend to the cleaning of a small portion of your house, like a single drawer of the dressing table or a shelf of the book rack. 
What is Blooming at Your Door?
Bravo! By now you are almost done but don't forget to tend to the yard or lawn. Take help from a gardener to trim the old branches or do it yourself. Plant flowers for the new season to make your house look more welcoming, and to relax your eyes with the colours of spring. 

Pro tip: you don't always need to look at your house lovingly; critically scan your house as you would scan someone else's house. Looking through this filter will highlight the areas that need to be worked on and as a result you will be able to enjoy a neat, tidy, and comfortable home all the year. HH

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