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Eyebrows that Flatter Your Face

Eyebrows are one of the most trending fashion statements at the moment. They change your entire look from a 7 to 10 in no time. But not every arch is for you nor is every round or flat brow. Don’t do your brows the way you see your favorite celebrity do! Different eyebrows flatter different face shapes. So stick to what suits your particular shape the most. Not only does the right pair of eye brows help create a better symmetry of your face but it can also help your face look younger or less mature. 

Oval Face and Softly Angled Brows    
If you have an oval face you’re one of the lucky ones. Your basic aim with eyebrows on an oval face is to balance your facial features. Every shape of eyebrows 
will look good on you. But your best option is a softly angled brow with a mild arch. This will add some dimension to your face and help you look even more gorgeous. A full brow will draw attention to the eyes and flatter this balanced face shape. 
Round Face and High Arched Brows
With a round face, you would want your eyebrows to help you give the illusion of a longer face. High arched brows will make your face look slimmer and longer by providing a vertical point. To do this start filling your eyebrows from the arch, giving them a darker shadow so the shape is emphasized. Brushing your eyebrows towards the upper side can also help elongate your face. Adding highlighter to your brow bone can also help lift your brows up. 
Heart-Shaped Face and Soft Rounded Brows
A beautiful heart-shaped face has sharp edges so the goal is to soften them, therefore, a rounded brow should be ideal for you. Don’t go with high arches, rather go low. But if the length of your face is shorter, a slight arch can look flattering. 
Diamond-Shaped Face and Curved Brows
Since a diamond-shaped face has a narrow chin, forehead and wide cheeks, the goal will be to soften and shorten the face. To do this, your best option is to create a curved brow. This will help lift your face upwards and it will appear rounder. Try to lengthen your brow as it will help balance your sharp jawline. 
Square Face and Thick Brows With a Slight Arch
With a square face, your jawline, forehead and cheekbones will be the same width. Hence, you should attempt to draw all attention to your eyes and brows. The soft arch of your brows will soften the sharp angels of your face. Thick brows will flatter your beautiful square face. Be sure your brows are never round or have a sharp arch. Instead of flattering the sharp angled face, it’ll start to draw all attention to the shape of your face instead. 
Long Face and Flat Brows
Slightly similar to the square shape, a long face will have cheekbones and forehead with the same width along with the chin. The chin is the major difference between a long face and a square face. The goal for your eyebrows will be to add width to your face so that your face looks balanced. Opt for flat brows with a downward curve and a slight arch. Don’t go thick while going towards the ears. 

Tips for Grooming your Brows

Tweeze after showering 
Plucking out your brows can be very painful, as we all know. Tweeze them after taking a hot shower. The hair follicles are slightly looser because of the hot water and so plucking becomes less painful. 
Tweeze in good lighting 
Try being in the natural light or sunlight while you pluck out your brows rather than in a dimly lit bedroom. The last thing you want is an eyebrow disaster for at least 2 weeks till it starts to grow back. 
Tweeze in the direction of your natural hair growth  
If you choose to pluck in the other direction, you will probably see a small black dot, which means you couldn’t pluck out the entire hair follicle. That won’t be a cute look so try to follow the natural hair growth while tweezing. 
Trim your eyebrows
Brush your brows first and then take a small pair of scissors to trim your brow hair. Do it with a light hand and don’t get carried away with it. 
Use two colors to accentuate your brows: 
You should always do your eyebrows with two different colors. The darker shade for your arch to your tail, (it should be the same color as your hair or just one shade darker) and a lighter shade for the beginning of your brow till the arch.
Fill in the spaces 
Find a color same as your hair color or one shade darker and fill in the blank areas between your brow hair. Make light strokes in the direction of your natural growth and don’t smudge color all over them. HH

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