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Eye Makeup Brush Guide

Our eye has three basic makeup areas, the lid, crease and the liner. Even though eye shadows can be applied by using your fingertips but an intense eye shadow look, such as a smoky eye, can only be flawlessly achieved with the help of eye brushes. Seeing so many brushes can be a little intimating, so here’s a little guide to help you decide which eye brush you need.  

Crease Brush
A crease brush will appear to have a rounded tip. You will use this brush more than any other brush for sure. It can fit perfectly in your crease because of its size and shape. 
Blending Brush 
A brush very similar to a crease brush will be a blending brush. It’s larger and fluffier than a crease brush but also has a rounded tip. You can easily tell by the name what the purpose of this brush is. It is used to blend out the harsh edges of your eye shadow and blend between different colors.
Lay Down Brush 
A lay down brush or a flat brush is used to apply eye shadow all over your lid. More often than not, it’s used to apply shimmers, metallic shades and glitters but it can be used for any type of eye shadow you want to lay down all over the lid.   
Smudge Brush 
A smudge brush or a smudger will be small and dense with a round shape. It is basically used to distribute eye shadow on the lower lash line and smoke it out. It can appear slightly similar to a lay down brush but their shape and size will have obvious differences. 
Angled Brush
An angled brush and a spoolie are the two best friends your eyebrows need. The angled brush is used with powder, cream or gel, to fill in your brows where as a spoolie is used to brush the natural hair of your eyebrows so that they can blend in with the color you’ve applied. You can also use a spoolie on regular days when you’re not filling in your eyebrows; you will notice an obvious difference in your eyebrows when you do. 
Fine Tip Liner Brush 
A fine tip liner brush is used to apply eyeliner when you’re using a gel. It is small and pointed so you can draw your liner as thin or thick as you like. You can also use an angled brush to apply a gel liner. 
Pencil Brush 
Last but definitely not the least, a pencil brush, also known as a detail brush, is used to define the outer V of the eye or smudging out eye shadow on areas like the lash line. These brushes are domed shape, soft and pointed. 
How to Clean Makeup Brushes
When you’ve become a pro at using your brushes, they will need some cleaning as well. If you start Googling ways to clean your brushes, you will find quite a few articles and videos showing how you can do so using different products, which you’ll need to go and purchase, many of which won’t even be easily available in Pakistan. Here’s an easy and budget friendly way for you to clean your makeup brushes so you can get the most out of them.
•    Take a small container, even a glass will work.
•    Pour some water into it but make sure it’s not hot or warm water. Room temperature will be great. Make sure you don’t fill it up fully, just add enough so that the bristles dip in easily. 
•    Add a little dishwashing liquid detergent into the water. 
•    Mix the detergent with a spoon or your finger.
•    Dip in your brushes and raise them softly. Try washing 3 at a time. You’ll instantly see the color of the solution change. Leave them in the solution for no more than 5 minutes.
•    Take the brushes out, empty and wash the container.
•    Now again fill in just enough water for the bristles to dip in completely. One by one rinse each brush separately inside the container with the clean water.
•    Keep repeating this process until the water stops changing color. 
Make sure you don’t put your brushes directly under the tap because the water can go inside the brushes and the bristles might start coming out. After you’re done washing them, dry the access water out with a clean tissue. Turn on your blow dryer and dry them. Make sure your blow dryer is on the minimum speed and you don’t blow directly inside the brushes. Once you’ve dried them, put them all upside down in an airy place and leave them over night just in case any water went inside the brush. HH

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