Dua Sukhera — An Inspiring Rural Woman Setting the Standard 

Dua Sukhera became an entrepreneur by overcoming impediments and founded “The Institute of Entrepreneurship,” a facility that provides entrepreneur training to rural women. The life of Dua Sukhera, a South Punjabi woman from the little village of Arifwala, may serve as an example for many, but it was not an easy for her. She overcame obstacles and sufferings in her personal life in order to help other rural women. Her organization gives assistance to young students to become independent entrepreneurs. She has created the institute for the provision of digital skills amenities to the women. She set up computers, internet, and a space where adults (16 and older) are encouraged to take three-month courses concerning the top eight skills in demand. Graphic design, digital marketing, video editing, content creation, website development, Amazon, Shopify Expert, and YouTube monetization are among some of the available courses and now their services are being offered throughout Pakistan. 


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