Dreamer’s Invitation

I dreamt vividly again last night,
Walking through meadows with ultimate delight,
Splendour of Eden, prairies full of flowers,
Any eye would be dazzled, glimpsing such glorious sights.

Blue, red, yellow, white, green, and orange,
These marvels continually emerge from divine storage,
Roses, lilies, bluebells, daisies and so many more!
Spilling sacred elegance through their images.

I saw I was wrapped in fragrance and romance,
Swirling and twirling like a Dervish in dance,
Heart filled with love, mind open to submit,
Soul craving to have just one more chance.

I heard a voice saying no to me,
But nobody was there for me to see,
This voice was profound, full of concerns,
As if it had seen whatever we have done.

We were given enough to make Earth our home,
Oceans, deserts, mountains, wherever we wanted to roam,
The rule was only not to break any heart,
Honour humans and life in all other forms.

Heart was declared home for every soul,
Protection was needed as a life-long goal,
But we were involved in hurt, loss, and so many quarrels,
Now the World is on respite by paying its toll.

Little COVID-19 made us confined to our homes,
We may need to go deeper than walls of sand and stones,
Far beneath the skin and all our bones,
So we can knock at our hearts and look into our genomes.

We were composed with love, kindness and compassion;
How could we forget such a crucial lesson?
Wisdom of love was sprinkled through all religions,
Spreading compassion and kindness was their only mission.

Please step into my dream and concentrate,
It's quite an effort to self-evaluate,
Judging, berating are paths for the less compassionate,
But acceptance is the way to make things great.

Let’s crush and leave our fears behind,
No judgment, no opinion will make us blind,
Our companions, bravery and faith are completely aligned,
Let’s take daily actions to serve mankind. HH

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