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Crucial Elements of Goal Setting Process

Do you ever wonder what vigorous imagination conjured up a round spectacled boy with a lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead setting his foot in a non-existent world? Yet, J.K. Rowling contrived a world out of her imagination, bestowing us with a hopeless yearning to receive letters from Hogwarts. Yes, I am talking about the Harry Potter series, a whole new world with magical creatures, written by an author whose work was ruthlessly rejected by many publishers before its final acceptance. Had it been us in Rowling’s place, how many would have continued the struggle to get our work published? How heartbreaking would it be to be that our work would only bring peanuts to our plate? Only a few of us would have still pressed on. Rowling, luckily for Harry Potter fans, was one of them and here we are, hiding our Harry Potter copies behind our mathematic theorems, and waiting for our Hogwarts letters. Ah, us muggles! 

Well, Rowling’s persistence brings us to a most important lesson — believing in ourselves despite all the demotivation thrown our way. Sadly, those who believe in themselves are dwindling to a trickle. Our faith in ourselves is so inescapably fastened to how much the world believes in us, that we surrender to the latter. There are only few who move forward with resilience so strong that no wind ever breaks their leaves off and no rain washes away their dreams. Undoubtedly, belief and persistence lies at the core of living our dreams. However, how to channelize our persistence requires us to set some goals in life. All our dreams begin as an abstraction conjured by our mind but only a few materialize those dreams, because the most important step towards success lies in believing one’s self and then setting and following precisely measured goals.
Goal setting is integral in accomplishing one’s dreams – be it a wish to be accepted, or to find what still stays hidden in the immeasurable galaxies, we all have to set our goals. Goal setting kicks off with having the bigger picture in mind and believing that we will be in that picture one day. Believing in yourself is the starting point, and it’s what stays throughout the process.
Once this is checked on your checklist, begin to construct the ladder, leading to your dream. However, prior to mounting the ladder, ensure that the steps are not too wide for your legs to follow. Simply said, do not set unrealistic short-term goals. We all are unfortunate muggles who cannot read 2200 pages a day, then why hope that we will wave our wand and achieve that goal? Setting such a goal that you cannot fulfill will make you lose faith in yourself when you are unable to complete the tasks you assign to yourself. Know that Rome was not built in a day, and if you try to build your Rome in a day, you will not be able to and eventually, you will lose faith in your capacities. Knowing how crucial believing in one’s self to achieve a dream is, would it be fair to us? 
To set realistic goals, setting a timetable and managing it effectively would come in handy. Know that the ticking of the clock does not stop. Even if you take all the batteries out of all the clocks that exist, the sun would still set every day. Time will never stop for us, so it is up to us to utilise it effectively. Ascribe a realistic span of time to everything, while also bestowing your freedom with some ticks of the clock. Enjoy some free time as breaks, but keep moving with the clock and know that you have to keep up with the pace. Keeping up with the pace of the clock’s hands is possible with effective strategizing. Diving in without an organized plan, having your legs in all the puddles there are and never knowing where to stop will eventually drag you down to doing nothing. Allah made human beings the best of all his creations with a capacity to think. Our souls and brains have the ability to project themselves onto us, by thinking beyond our physical capabilities. Who would have thought that if you can imagine being on the moon, you would actually make it? Who would have thought we could see what the galaxies hold? Yet we found out. Human beings touched their imagination and made it concrete; they achieved what most of us would have found to be a trick only our mind can play, a magical image only our brains can conjure. That’s where all big dreams are born: in our brains, in our hearts, in our souls. When we forget to nourish them, that’s when all dreams begin to die. Would anything be possible without a plan? Nothing comes to an end without organization. 
Once you have set your tasks and organized them, you need to start working with dedication. Keep holding on to your faith tightly, keep holding on to your own persistence, know that nothing came in the world in one day. If you fail to do something, try again. If you think you did not do well, do it again with more passion. If someone tells you that your dream will never be realised, do not break. Know that you know your capabilities more than anyone else in the world. 
The whole process is simple: Draw! Aim! Shoot! But if you miss it, do not lose faith in yourself. To dream, we sleep, but to live our dreams, we sleep with our eyes open, cutting the cord to the world around us to dive into the depth of our own self that is looking back at us and only asking us to believe that we continue to move forward. We all have heard about the power of believing in someone, but before we begin to set our goals, we need to sit down for a while and believe in ourselves.
Always remember that there was once only naked man running miles to hunt an animal for food, striking a stone against another for a spark to light up his night, keep him warm and cook his food. Know that the very man now sits in comfortable clothes, not using spears to tear through the bodies of animals, using all the sophistication in the world to neatly slice his meal and eat it with pre-decided etiquette. Yet, it did not happen in a day; it took centuries for the world to change, years for J. K. Rowling to write her masterpiece and get all the accolades she deserves. Most of all, remember, that we all failed when we started to walk, we all fell multiple times. Yet, here we all are, walking daily, without having to try. We know how to do it! We will know how to do all the things, once we pursue our goals relentlessly. HH

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