Color Correcting

Colour correcting is a makeup technique not many of us indulge in, mostly because we’re unfamiliar with its magic. This genius method doesn’t only help hide our blemishes but every other type of discoloration on your face, which peeks through the foundation.        
What exactly is color correcting?
Color correcting is a method pro makeup artists have used over the years to hide any and every skin imperfection on the face, but thanks to social media, this technique is commonly known to us all today. Colour correctors are basically concealers and the color wheel below will help you figure out, which color corrector will help with which kind of skin discoloration.
Basically colours that are contrasting, cancel each other out. Peach and orange cancel out any dark circles under your eyes. Green cancels out any redness on your face whereas purple cancels out any yellow spots on your face. If you apply the right color corrector on the right discoloration, you will get the perfect canvas for the rest of your makeup. 
Rules to Color Correct
You will apply your colour correctors like regular concealers but before your foundation. After   applying, pat into your skin, keep in mind that a little goes a long way with most color correctors, apply enough to cover the whole area so that the imperfection isn’t visible to the eye anymore and all you can see is the orange, purple or red. 
Green Corrector
As shown in the color wheel, green will help cover any redness. From pimples to acne scars, a green corrector will hide it all. If you suffer from rosacea, you’ve found your holy grail!
Orange/Peach Corrector
An orange or peach corrector serves the same purpose, to hide your dark circles. Where orange is suited for medium to darker skin tones, peach best suits lighter skin tones. The peach corrector is often also known as a pink corrector. If you have lighter skin but your dark circles are in blue tones, you can even use an orange color corrector.
Purple Corrector
A purple corrector is used for yellow spots and for brightening up the skin. Purple primers are also available in the market to apply all over the face and get rid of all yellowness on your face. 
Keep Note!
•    Apply a thin layer of correctors, if it’s too thick, it may peek through the foundation.
•    Keep in mind, this method only works if the correct     corrector is applied; if the wrong corrector is applied, it may even appear worse.
•    Don’t overdo, only use what you must!
•    Use sponges over brushes for the distribution of correctors. HH

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