Before the Clock Strikes Twelve

Before the clock strikes twelve
Before we replace our calendars from our desks
Before lanterns flood the night sky
Why do not we sit and think for a while?
Be grateful to have survived
Be grateful you are chosen to live more
You are chosen to enjoy His blessings
This time is hard for everyone
So, do not be the reason for hate
Repent for bad deeds done
Help the ones who are in need
Stay strong and be the guiding light for others
Not be the one who spreads rumors
Be a beacon
Spread hope and show kindness
These are the traits you have to engrave
Put aside all the hate
Be kind, it is the need of time
Just a minute left
Before the clock strikes twelve
Thank Him for all the things He blessed us with
Ask Him more in the year to come
May this year bring happiness
May all the worries get dumped with the passing year
May 2021, be kind to us
Before the clock strikes twelve
Why do not we thank Him one last time. HH

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