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Avoid 6 Mistakes for a Flawless Makeup Ramsha Anis

Perfect makeup can be achieved with practice, and practice only. Makeup trends are always altering and it is hard to know what will suit you best. From contouring to highlighting, one can only learn from experience as to what suits their face and what does not. Here are six makeup mistakes you should always avoid for a flawless makeup:
Wrong shade of foundation
Foundation mismatch is one mistake every female must have made at least once in her life. When you buy foundation, avoid applying the foundation at the back of your hand. A pro tip would be to apply your foundation right above your jawline to find the perfect match because your hands may be lighter or darker than your face. 
Foundations always tend to look different inside shops because of the lighting. Therefore, the best way is to take a sample home and test it before buying it or you can always put some on and check in the sunlight. 
Another issue you may face is foundation oxidation. This happens when the air turns the foundation darker than what it originally was. To avoid this, apply some foundation on the back of your hand, wait for a minute or two and apply some fresh foundation right next to it to see the difference. If both shades are identical then your foundation does not oxidize but if one is darker and the other is lighter then it does oxidize. To tackle this issue, buy a shade lighter for a better match.  
No primer or the wrong primer
There are multiple primers available in the market to suit your skin type. Make sure you invest in a good primer because if the skin is ready, makeup will always turn out to be flawless and if it is not, all your hard work may just go down the drain. If you have oily eye lids, your eye shadow will smudge, so priming your eye lids can help your eye shadow hold up throughout the day. 
Avoid contouring disasters
Every face shape is different, therefore, they will require shading in different areas. Try not to follow your favorite YouTuber blindly but learn what suits your face shape best. Again, practice makes perfect! Women tend to apply the wrong shade of contour or bronzer. We all have different undertones, cool, warm or neutral. If you look in the mirror and see yellow, you are warm undertoned, if you see pink, you are cool undertoned and if you don’t see either of the shades on your complexion you’re probably neutral. So pick what flatters your undertone best. Also, always choose a contour powder or cream at least two shades darker than your skin tone. If you have a darker complexion, lucky you! You can use shimmer bronzers and get away with it, looking absolutely beautiful.
Over lining your lips
Lip lining is the easiest way of plumping your lips but it is also the easiest way to ruin your makeup completely. Once you have lined your lips incorrectly and it is on the foundation, you might think it can’t be fixed. Think again. Find a lipstick that matches your natural lip color and slowly build it towards the lip liner. This way you can either completely erase your lip liner or just leave the right amount behind. You can also take a Q Tip and apply some makeup remover on it, rub on the lip liner so excess comes off, then take your beauty sponge and apply a small amount of foundation all over your lips. Color your lips with your favorite lipstick and out you go.
Applying the blush too low
Blush-on is the step that brings life to your face but if you drag the blush too low, your face can look longer and not in a flattering way. It is recommended by most makeup academies to apply your blush, with a contouring brush, only to the apples of the cheeks. This will give a natural looking lift to your face.  
Last but certainly not the least, eyebrows are the key to a flawless makeup. It is exceptionally easy for you to just ruin your entire look by one extra stroke to your eyebrows. It is recommended to let your eye brows grow to their full potential and at least give them six to eight weeks before you get them done. You should always make sure the product you use to fill in your brows is of the same color as your natural brows followed by combing with a clear eyebrow gel. Remember that a light hand is the right hand! HH

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