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A Mother is Her Child’s First School

We come across innumerable debates and talks based on various topics. One interesting notion is the argument on implications of an educated or an uneducated mother. The whole debate actually revolves around a mother’s performance, particularly in raising her children, with attributes of an exemplary mother yet another cause of disagreement between people presenting ideology of the ‘perfect mother’.
My stance hinges on the level of education of a mother and its impact on a child’s upbringing. A child’s education and upbringing is of utmost importance for not only the child but also the family and the society collectively. In this persuance of wisdom and success a number of factors determine the level of attainment, including family influence, circle of friends and school environment. However, the mother plays the pivotal role in the many facets of a child’s life. The quality of time spent, amount of affection she extends, and the mentorship provided by her are of prime importance. The ease of availability and promise of commitment from the mother’s end is the best of all choices available to the child. 
Starting from early years in a child’s life, a mother is the child’s first school. She is a complete institution by means of her role, intervention ability and intimacy with the child. The role of a mother is a universal phenomenon, a divine duty and an authority that rests with her, by means of the law, religion and the community as a whole. The love for books and wisdom can be fostered early in a child’s life by the mother. This role strengthens and becomes vital as a child grows and sails through a number of challenges in life, where the mother becomes his/her unconditional shelter. A mother’s level of education is certainly not the debate here, but a specific level of formal learning and qualities will obviously reflect in the child’s persona throughout his or her life. This will put her in a better position to take care of the child’s formal and informal education by managing it timely and offering the best choices available. In a typical Pakistani household, mothers are rendered the responsibility to get the child admitted to a school as well as arrange for the religious education at the right time. Reinforcement of key concepts at home is very critical, as academics in school have become challenging and overwhelming. The aforementioned is single handedly managed by the mother herself, amidst a variety of chores and household tasks she has to perform on daily basis.
Educated mothers can offer better choice of education and career building to their children. These mothers are better equipped with knowledge, purpose and expertise compared to the less-educated ones, hence, they impart values and character in the child that directly correlate with the quality of training, counselling and management skills. They can be a great coach and mentor simultaneously, striking a balance between a child’s physical and cognitive domains. There is a whole universe of wisdom to be explored by a child in the next few years of their life, all requiring a mind instilled with positivity and direction. A mother’s level of intellect and interest in favour of her child’s rearing greatly contributes to this.
The mother’s capability to make informed decisions in different situations will affect the child’s learning in a positive way, hence making educated mothers a key source of effective learning for children. They may be able to develop better skills of conflict management, stress handling and overall efficiency. Real life examples provide an environment for children where they learn by imitating similar attitudes.
An educated mother can decide on a better choice of nutrition for her children, which supports a good physical and mental health because she has access to an avenue of information available on the desired level of nutrition for her child on the internet. Many young educated mothers who have the expertise and access to information technology avail the platform. Many applications available on Play Store, Google Play and App Store cater to optimized diet plans for children of all ages. 
Excursions and outdoor activities offer yet another great learning opportunity for children. Educated choices on the type of entertainment offered to children make them better learners. This comes naturally, as children have intriguing minds that observe and analyze their surroundings constantly. Parents can provide real-time infotainment to their children, making learning a fun activity.
Leadership and teamwork abilities need to be polished in the early years of a child’s life. Educated mothers are expected to adhere to high standards of behavior, in situations faced individually and collectively as a member of a team. This can help children learn ways and means to enhance their group interactions and sociability to the best. Mothers must expose their children to situations where group work and team play is essential, so that children inculcate the basic rules to sharing, caring and delegating in a group. 
Mothers have the innate responsibility of instilling sympathy, self-esteem, a sense of responsibility and patriotism in their kids. Children with the aforementioned traits tend to have a positive attitude in life with higher level of self-confidence. A mother who has a high level of self-awareness and self-confidence by virtue of her education is likely to aspire to an even brighter future for her child by maintaining the most desirable balance of traits and virtues. Reiterating the importance of freedom and setting the boundaries is a key role for mothers to play. A mother’s role is eminent in guiding the children through the stages of life defining moral expectations and desired responsibilities. There has to be a certain level of autonomy given to children in exercising their choice and desire. It is important to note that the expression of authority should be welcomed by parents as it helps in disciplining children. This is how they know their domain of freedom and how they will prosper in attaining the virtue of self-actualization through life.
Nations are built by the character of their populace. Mothers have the most important role in determining this character. Educated mothers can play this role very positively and effectively. It’s high time for parents to realize the importance of education of their daughters. The future of the nation lies in the hands of mothers who can educate their children to guarantee their future successes.  Obviously, there is no rule of thumb in rating someone as a good or a bad mother, but there can be a debate on determinants of efficiency pertaining to mothers as a child’s first school. HH

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