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A Housewife’s Guide to Managing Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of our lives and a lack of acknowledgement only makes it worse; we need to understand that we can only address the problem of ‘stress’ once we acknowledge its presence. However, there are some individuals who are more susceptible to the effects of stress. In this case, we are talking about housewives.
Let us assume that a housewife is asked what is it that she does. The most common response that we will get is: “Nothing! I am a housewife.” Now, let us take a moment to reflect upon the various aspects of this response. Are the efforts of a homemaker valued enough? Is the non-stop effort from morning till night seen as worthy enough by the women themselves? The most important thing to realize here is that being a homemaker is a stressful job. We may think that being a housewife does not involve pressure but this is not the case. Housewives have a lot of responsibilities that come with daily challenges like any other job. A woman fighting off these challenges on a daily basis without acknowledging the kind of pressure it can create may feel exhausted and unmotivated, she may experience low mood or other emotional and behavioural changes. 
Housewives are responsible for cooking, laundry, cleaning, organizing, saving, rearing kids and a whole lot of other responsibilities. Following an extremely busy schedule, they forget to prioritize themselves, which results in increasing their stress levels. A routine with a lack of novelty is also known to cause boredom for many housewives, all of which adds to the stress. Sometimes lack of effective stress coping strategies may add to the difficulties of housewives. Internalizing stress, not having any time for self-care and coping through either avoiding the stressor or trying to cover it up makes it even more difficult to deal with the triggers at hand. 
Now let us look at some strategies to break the cycle of stress that can hamper the peace of housewives.

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