Winter Collective Training 2021 Held in Kharian

In times of peace, military exercises or war games are used as a measure to evaluate the performance of the Armed Forces without engaging in the battlefield. This process of exercises facilitates better coordination between various components of any army such as, Armour, Infantry, Artillery, Engineers, Signals, EME and Logistics alongside familiarisation with new technologies and weapons systems. Professional armies all over the world conduct exercises regularly to enhance their battle efficiency. Pakistan Army is a highly professional organization which conducts various exercises in winters and summers to increase its combat readiness and to identify problems in logistics, training and the current military doctrine. The aim is also to test the ability of the units to work together in any environment. Exercises also develop cohesion between the officers and troops of all ranks, which helps as a visible expression of might, and to pose deterrence to potential enemy action.

1 Corps is a strike corps of Pakistan Army which is always ready to frustrate the nefarious designs of the adversaries. Major and small exercises are a regular feature which continue throughout the year. In this connection, a month long winter collective exercise was conducted in the month of October and November.
Chief of the Army Staff (COAS), General Qamar Javed Bajwa, witnessed this corps level exercise at Kharian. He witnessed the culmination phase of the exercise aimed at validating operational concepts as a sequel to Army War Games.
The exercise aimed at enhancing operational preparedness of formations as well as encompassing defensive and offensive tasks for various contingencies. The exercise involved the employment of latest weapon systems including VT-4 tanks and combat air support. COAS appreciated the operational readiness and professionalism of the participating troops. He expressed his complete satisfaction on the performance of the newly inducted Chinese VT-4 tanks, equipped with sophisticated technology and the latest weapons system coupled with enhanced mobility. COAS stressed that realistic training in peace time is a must to meet any eventuality. “Continued practice of operational drills is imperative for effective response to wide ranging threats," COAS emphasized.
Earlier on arrival, COAS was received by Commander Mangla Corps, Lieutenant General Shaheen Mazher Mahmood, in the exercise area followed by a comprehensive briefing on the exercise.

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