Two Nations, One Heartbeat: Decades-Long Sino-Pakistan Friendship

With formal diplomatic relations established back in May 1951, the Sino-Pakistan ‘all-weather strategic cooperation’ has withstood the test of time. A relationship unique in the comity of nations, the two countries refer to each other as brothers and friends rather than allies. China and Pakistan have resolutely stood by each other in times of crises and need, and have been the first to offer support in all domains from security, economy, diplomacy and education, to name a few. A friendship forged with goodwill towards each other and a shared vision of prosperity and peace, the Iron Brothers’ affiliation is based on common values and trust. This relation is not just limited to the confines of state matters but finds itself reflected in the interactions of ordinary Chinese and Pakistanis as well who regard each other as friends. Apart from the renowned CPEC project that aims to bring prosperity to both countries, multiple cultural, tourism and educational programs are symbolic of this mutual regard. This friendship proves that states and their people can join hands with each other on much more than just the need for strategic cooperation. 
To mark 69 years of Sino-Pakistan friendship Hilal English reached out to Pakistanis and Chinese in order to have them share a few words with us about how they view this relationship. 

A strong relationship with China is incontrovertibly at the center of Pakistan’s foreign policy. The crucial role of people-to-people contact focusing primarily on promoting interaction between the people has gained traction with the expansion of Pak-China economic and trade ties. With the ongoing CPEC project, to complement connectivity, it is imperative to expand the scope of public diplomacy and pay close attention to the cultural dimension of this relationship through encouraging maximum socio-cultural exchanges between the two countries. The expansion of cooperation in various fields such as education, tourism, culture, science, health and technology, etc. is bringing benefits to the people as well as promoting mutual understanding. This relationship is expected to grow in the foreseeable future and it is hoped that an even greater development of Pak-China relationship will go down in the history.

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