Towards Greater National Unity Editorial

Given the multiplying threats in this day and age, of late, there is increased cognizance that hybrid war has been waged on Pakistan to weaken it internally, but has failed to divide the nation. Multiple means have been used for this war such as challenging ideology, targeting history, weakening the institutions and economy, terrorism, using mass media, and acts of violence and terrorism. It is a war in which there are no ethics, rather nothing is forbidden and thus it becomes difficult to identify between friend and foe. COAS recently said, “Our enemies know that they cannot beat us fair and square and have thus subjected us to a cruel, evil and protracted hybrid war. They are trying to weaken our resolve by weakening us from within.” The blatant attacks made against Pakistan have made it imperative to respond to these threats in a manner which looks at the root causes of such divide being inflated by the anti-state actors. In a bid to respond to these divisive attacks, Pakistan has made headway in the form of national consensus across the spectrum with overwhelming public support.


Despite growing challenges, our response has been determined on critical issues of security and well-being of the state. Most recently, a unique display of national consensus was achieved on issues of national importance. These positive developments have come as an assurance that: the indisputable probity of Pakistan as a responsible state cannot be compromised; our territory cannot be used against anyone else; and, that Pakistan shall continue to play its role in fighting the war against terrorism on all fronts.


The government’s recent decision of FATA’s merger with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and, more financial and administrative powers to Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan reflect national consensus achieved through due input by all state institutions. After deliberating upon all pros and cons, it was rightly concluded that extention of all administrative and judicial institutional infrastructures to FATA is need of the time and cannot be relegated anymore. This empowerment brings FATA at par with other parts of the country. It is hoped that through a focused developmental approach, all lapses and grievances of the past will be removed sooner rather than later. Indeed this highly appreciable step will take us further towards achieving the goals of national unity and integration.


The challenges Pakistan is confronted with, however, demand a continous display of greater unity among all state institutions. In order to optimally respond to the challenges, we must recognize the significance of every state institution and appreciate what they have to contribute towards the common national effort. Infact, all are linked together inseparably embodying national sentiment and pursuing national interest. In order to counter the ensuing threats, the nation must be aware of every conceivable scheme of machinations, deceit and shenanigans of our enemies and commit to undertaking synergetic national efforts which seek to advance Pakistan’s larger strategic interests. Our national salvation lies in the greater unity of the entire nation.

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