The Steadfast Resolve of a Promising Nation

In the postmodern era, the armed forces personnel don’t only protect the state against the internal and external threats, but also the nontraditional threats that their country is faced with. The multifarious role includes peacekeeping and humanitarian tasks besides countering violent extremism. In the post-conflict operations, the military is shouldered with responsibilities to create an enabling environment for nation-building.
For the modern military, humanitarian relief is also an important role, keeping in view the natural disasters that may occur, as they do not respect political borders, and inflict harm to the economy while threatening the security and social stability of a country. The military has to act timely in order to ensure they save as many lives as they can. Through a coordinated response to humanitarian contingencies, the military is engaged within a minimum time delay, keeping in view their operational readiness and discipline. Pakistan remains an epicenter of climate crisis with its melting glaciers, heatwaves and water shortage. The catastrophic climate change induced flashfloods in 2022 refocused the attention on this pressing issue. The economic impact of the floods is mainly concentrated in the agriculture sector with the destruction of millions of acres of cultivated land, and resultantly, the reduced agricultural output would negatively impact the overall economic activity and food security. The floods would also impose a lingering drag on the country’s output due to infrastructure damage, crop cycle disruption, loss of human capital and impact on the financial sector.
In order to ensure course correction and protect the developing countries from catastrophic natural disasters due to climate change, one of the achievements of Pakistan in 2022 was to galvanize support for a loss and damage fund at COP27 in Sharm el-Shaikh. It is expected to address losses and damages in the developing countries that are vulnerable to the adverse changes brought about by climate change. Another major achievement in 2022 remained the exit of Pakistan from the Financial Action Task Force grey-list as it completed the requirements of 2018 and 2021 action plans.
Despite all the challenges thrown at Pakistan, the nation not only persevered, but excelled as a promising state. The Law Enforcement Agencies have worked hard to curtail terrorism and cross-border threats, besides working on the western border management regime aimed at effectively managing, stabilizing and controlling the border. During a recent visit to Tirah Valley, Chief of the Army Staff, General Syed Asim Munir said, “State’s writ has been established due to innumerable sacrifices by tribal people and security forces. Our fight against terrorism will continue with the support of the nation till we achieve enduring peace and stability. Defense of the motherland will be ensured at all costs and there won’t be any space for the spoilers of peace. No one will be allowed to disrupt the hard-earned gains of war against terror made thus far.”
In another visit to Balochistan, he reiterated the country’s resolve to ensure security and safety of the people of Balochistan, and the provision of a conducive environment for the socioeconomic development of the province that would result in sustainable peace and security.
Responding to the highly irresponsible statements from the Indian leadership concerning Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir, he said, “Let me make it categorically clear, Pakistan's armed forces are eveready not only to defend every inch of our motherland, but to take the fight back to the enemy if war is ever imposed on us. Any misconception resulting into a misadventure will always be met with full might of our armed forces backed by a resilient nation.”
To ensure a safe environment for the people of Pakistan, our martyrs and their families have rendered unparalleled sacrifices. Pakistan remains determined to fight terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and breaking the nexus between terrorists, their supporters and sympathizers.

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