September Special

The Last Stand: Maj Sabir Kamal Shaheed (Poem)

Dr. Akbar S. Ahmed pens down a poem for Hilal English in memory of his friend, Major Sabir Kamal Shaheed who got martyred during 1971 war with India.

Kingdoms fell,
Cosmos and comets crashed,
and the sun turned over in its thrice-told tale of terror.
And this son of Sialkot stood
thigh-high in gore and gut,
held off the shining hordes,
held them,
this magnificent shield while some may have faltered. 
something of the ancient myth be yet retrieved 
stood there
grim as death.

Stood there,
where the river waters are dark, the earth green.
Above him a spurning sun,
around him spinning blood.
There isn’t loneliness enough to crush him
The soggy letter from his new bride
soaked in tears now soaks in red.
whose silhouette stands in the sunset stock-still 
bloody bayonetted but refuses to bow.
the earth revolves a reluctant revolution.

A Piffer is down 
and he’s gone.

I remember,
Dacca, March 1971.

Sabir – friend and brother,
Your gray eyes suddenly becoming somber 
Foreseeing a universal blood dance.
A universal blight,
that which amputees inflict on themselves.
You saw it all,
the lost cause, the awesome response, 
yet you smiled
the secret smile of the soldier,
that darkness will descend
and eternal glory be won. 

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