Food For Thought

The Bigger Questions

This process is never ending: the war of words often gets replaced by means of violence, mutual exhaustion, desires for peace, a short pause, and again, the pursuit of dominance continues. The war of Man versus Man, and, the Men versus Men, is not only a present day issue. The Man had been like this for centuries, and likely to remain so. The struggle for possession, dominate others to conquer self-fear, and want for a superior recognition; all must had remained the first Two Men unending issues. The fear had been the reason of union, and the union caused the issues of settlement, adjustment, perpetual struggle for dominance, and so on. The First Village was global; no one was far away from the others. They spread out to pursue the insatiable; departed, forgotten, explored, and then fell back. And, the Last Village is again global. They all are getting closer. They all have different experiences. This re-union would again cause the issues of dominance, settlement and adjustment. In this reunion, the power with new dynamics will prevail.

The three perennial issues will influence, destroy and construct new realities due to this reunion. The Man has always struggled to find for: i) peaceful means of transfer of power; ii) a fair distribution of wealth; and, iii) a social justice that maintains worth of the each entity. The Man has always longed for power. The family patriarch, the tribal chief, the king; all aimed at to perpetuate the power hierarchy in any form and under any name. They always conspired to ensure self-existence. If old methods of power transfer continued or, reverted to under any pretext or promise, the centuries old ways would not withstand the new found yet mature enough freedom of the vigilant populace of the New Village. The new construction of a responsible republic – holding the elite accountable, and replacing the power structure peacefully in the name of common citizenry – has given a sense of social equality, and, a pretence of self-worth to innumerable heads. They are contented, if not fully happy. The ever aspiring mob of the New Village would never easily forego this right. Those who have found better ways for the peaceful transfer of power would always attract. A destruction or yearning for a new-construction; nothing would for long be avoided. Peaceful transfer of power!

A lot many people in the New Village feed well, live secure, and self-empowered to pursue the free choice. They look to have found the desired sense of fair distribution of wealth. Their sense of equality and social justice looks settled, adjusted and little contested. They will surely influence and attract; and ‘the others’ would not keep themselves away for long from the inner conflict. How quickly ‘the others’ find the answers, adjust and live in harmony, would guarantee peace, prosperity, and the survival. The want of cosmopolitan foods, clothing, comforts, peace and prosperity are challenging the order and stability in the New Village. The new world culture is making heads to reside in the stomachs. The ideology of grandeur is relevant for those only who are well fed. The fair distribution of wealth!

And, the issues of freedom, social justice, recognition, self-worth, are the new Village Norms. These are infectiously attractive. Those who have (struggled to) attained these, stand better chances to inspire and influence others. The people of the New Village are knitted each day in a Complex Interdependence. They will further get closer, talk, destroy the redundant and reconstruct. The Man will follow the instinctive self-interest, and that will cause break-away from old alliances, and shape new identities. The freedom will fight for the social justice! The social justice! The dialogue is taking place in the New Village between old and new, white and black, rich and poor, oppressed and oppressor, master and slave; each one talking to other, all talking to all. The unstoppable process! Yet another dawn in the history of the Mankind! The core challenge for the ‘lesser world’ would remain stability. Finding the smooth ways for a peaceful interface between freedom and stability can no longer be ignored, or, postponed!

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