The Anti-Aging Solution: Key To Staying Young & Beautiful Forever

How to stop aging and reverse it?
How to undo effects that the years have left on our face? 
These questions pop up in our mind each time we turn back the pages of life and go through the memories captured in the old pictures. And as we look at ourselves in the mirror we are horrified by the fine lines around the eyes and the deep furrows around the mouth, the sagging skin that collects at the jaw line and the wrinkling neck that troubles us the most.

There is a solution to all these problems which lies in the small skin care tips that can make the most of changes without much of a down time. You don’t have to go under the knife and have extensive cosmetic surgeries to revive your freshness. Just make use of the simpler yet miraculous skin care procedures. If you start your anti-aging treatment at the right age, you can avoid fillers and surgeries for a long time. These treatments can improve the loose skin of eyelids and face while improving the lift and arch of the brow and reduces the jowls.


We will briefly discuss the procedures that can begin your journey to find the fountain of youth. With every step you take, you get closer to better looking skin, heightened self esteem and a more confident version of yourself.

It is a simple deep cleansing procedure that takes away the dead layers of skin piled up over months and steals your freshness. It is done in the clinic by a skin health care professional. During the treatment multiple serums pass through your skin and revive it without any side effects.

You can wear makeup and attend a party the same evening with a glowing skin. It is an excellent remedy for sun damage, freckles and acne. It also helps in controlling blackheads, whiteheads and the pigments building up in the skin.

Thermi-RF, Tripolar, Tri-Lipo and Scarlet
Radio Frequency (RF) is the latest method to revive your natural collagen. It helps your skin to make healthy collagen and elastin from your own body. The sagging skin tightens up the open pores and fine lines show remarkable improvement. There is a variety of radio frequency devices available but your age and skin condition is the best guide for your doctor to pick and choose the right tool.

It is an amazing non-invasive 30 minute miraculous treatment to tighten up your skin, improve the bags under the eyes and reduce the fine lines with instant results. It leaves your skin soft, smooth and supple instantly. You can get it done before a party or a dinner as it has no down time and leaves you with an amazing glow and uplift. However it should be repeated every month for at least 4 treatments and the results are well maintained with few treatments every year.

Thermi-Tight Invasive RF
This is top-of-the-line skin tightening treatment for the face, jaw line, double chin and neck. It also can be used to reduce the stubborn cellulite and loose skin of thighs and buttocks. It helps with abdominal skin tightening after child birth and weight loss. The treatment is carried out under local anaesthesia with immediate return to work, no down time. The skin shows instant tightening and keeps on improving each passing week.


It is a Bipolar RF with a nice skin rejuvenation impact. It can help treat acne scars, reduce the sagging and improve the deep wrinkles.


It is a skin massage that gives RF energy to skin. It tightens up the skin, and improves the texture of your skin. You can get it done before an event to give you an instant glow and boost.


Revlite Laser
It is a very safe laser that rejuvenates the skin, reduces pores and fine lines and decreases the freckles and pigmentation. It also helps managing the fine hair of face and neck leaving your skin flawless with immediate impact on your skin. Birth marks and tattoos can also be treated with revlite laser.

This popular treatment done all over the world takes away the stubborn ‘frown lines’ and ‘worry lines’ on the forehead. The treatment consumes only 5 minutes of your time and takes away years off your face as soon as it starts working for you. It has to be repeated once in 4 months and can also be used to improve the neck sagging and the jaw line. Your face looks more pronounced and sleek as it brings out sleek looking angles of your face while tapering and slimming the broad looking face cut.

These injections filled with a specialized gel are injected in your face to improve the under eye hollowness, deep laugh line folds and the drooping lip corners. It can enhance the shape of the lips and give them a more youthful pout. The fillers restore the lost volume of face and enhance the water in the skin tissue while enhancing the cheek bone and improving chin contours and jaw line. The latest biostimulator fillers (ELLANSE) not only fill the lines and volumise the face areas but also trigger new collagen formation in your skin, thus improving the skin texture and quality for a longer period.

Aesthetic Medicine is the branch of medical science that can guide us to a better living and take us to the much sought for Fountain of Youth. From Cleopetra to Sophia Laren and Angelina Jolie, all women have been looking to reverse the age and look pretty and young forever. The secret of beauty is no more a secret and with the advent in the science and modern day information technology expansion, every woman can get hold of these easy-to-do and simple treatments to stay young and beautiful forever.

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