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Passing Out Parade Held at Pakistan Military Academy

Passing out parade of cadets of 147th Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Long Course, 13th Mujahid Course, 66th Integrated Course, 6th Basic Military Training Course and 21st Lady Cadet Course was held at PMA Kakul on April 29, 2023.

Cadets from Palestine, Bahrain, Iraq, Qatar and Sri Lanka were also among the passed out cadets.
Chief of the Army Staff (COAS), General Syed Asim Munir was the Chief Guest on the occasion.
COAS reviewed the parade and gave awards to the distinguished cadets. The coveted Sword of Honour was awarded to Academy Senior Under Officer Abdullah Bin Tariq and President's Gold Medal to Battalion Senior Under Officer Ali Amir of 147th PMA Long Course. The Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Overseas Gold Medal was awarded to Battalion Sports Sergeant Pasindu Dayananda from Sri Lanka. The COAS Cane was awarded to Course Under Officer Muhammad Adnan Munawar of 13th Mujahid Course, The Commandant's Canes were awarded to Course Under Officer Adil Ali of 66th Integrated Course, Course Sergeant Major Fatima Khalid of 21st Lady Cadet Course and Course Under Officer Salman Khan of 6th Basic Military Training Course. 

Earlier on arrival, COAS was received by Commandant PMA.
While addressing the participants of the parade, COAS congratulated the passing out cadets and their parents on the successful completion of their training at PMA, the premier training institution. The full text of his speech is reproduced below: 

Bismillah Irrahman Nirraheem
Lieutenant General Muhammad Chiragh Haider, Inspector General Training and Evaluation, Major General Itikhar Hassan Chaudhary, Commandant Pakistan Military Academy (PMA), distinguished guests, respected faculty members, graduating cadets, ladies and gentlemen!
Assalam-o-alaikum and good morning!
It is indeed a great honor and pleasure for me to review this passing out parade. The immaculate turn out, synchronized movements and enthusiasm is reflective of the discipline this great institution has instilled in the gentlemen cadets and the highest standards Pakistan Military Academy has always maintained. Today's parade yet again proves the professionalism, superior ethos and glorious traditions of the academy and Pakistan Army alike.

On this auspicious occasion, I extend my heartiest compliments to the graduating gentlemen cadets, their proud parents, guardians and mentors who have all made relentless efforts to make you see this memorable day.
I wish to especially congratulate the graduating gentlemen cadets from our brotherly countries of Qatar, Bahrain, Palestine, Iraq and Sri Lanka. I am sure you have not only developed enduring relations of comradeship during your stay here, but will continue to act as the ambassadors of Pakistan, henceforth. Pakistan Military Academy has undoubtedly remained the cradle of leadership and center of excellence for cadets joining this premier institution from within and across the world.
My appreciations to the award winners and the Champion Company who deserve special recognition and applause for their outstanding achievements. Well done and keep it up!
Dear Cadets!
This day marks the end of your training at the academy and also the beginning of a new chapter of your professional career. On this auspicious occasion of your commissioning, I want to urge that you must remain focused on what the country and nation expects from you. First and foremost is loyalty to the state of Pakistan and commitment to the constitutional role assigned to Armed Forces, besides maintaining the highest standards of training, adaptation to technology-driven modern outlook, discipline and moral values, as enshrined in our ethos and rich military culture.
You will hereon embark upon an exciting, yet challenging journey. I must advise you to foster virtues of courage, character and competence. The commission demands from you the highest standards of personal and professional conduct and imposes on you an honorous responsibility to live up to the legacy of those who have served in the defense of the motherland before you. It is none but you, who will lead the world’s best creed of devoted, spirited and selfless soldiers of this great army to success, who dread none but Allah.
These brave men with an unmatched motivation, love for Pakistan, courage and conviction will always be ready to even sacrifice their lives for the dignity and honor of our beloved country. You should all be proud of the fact that the sacrifices rendered by our valiant soldiers and officers in the line of duty stand unparalleled across the militaries of the world. To us, nothing is more sacred than the safety and security of our people and no duty is more binding than the defense of our motherland. We owe a lot to our nation which has great expectations from you all. Go out now, and deliver to the expectations of your nation!
Ladies and Gentlemen!
The Army imbibes on the vision of our great Quaid [Muhammad Ali Jinnah] signifying no distinction of caste, color, creed, gender or geography. Our ideology is based on the tenets of Islam and the golden principles of ‘faith, unity and discipline’. We are a peace-loving nation and being one of the largest contributors of troops to the United Nations peacekeeping missions is a testament to this fact. As part of the state policy, Pakistan remains averse to bloc politics and the damaging effects of global power contestation. We continue to believe in cooperative and harmonious coexistence with all countries, especially our neighbors. We also welcome the recent regional engagements and peace overtures and hope that it will have a positive impact on peace and tranquility in the region and beyond.
To this end, in line with the golden principles of our religion, we abhor conflict and consistent with our policy, we want to share peace with all. However, let me be absolutely clear! Our efforts for peace should never be taken as a sign of weakness. History has proven that the complete nation and its Armed Forces have always stood together with all their might against any act of aggression. Alhamdulillah, we have the will, capacity and capability to protect our sovereignty and territorial integrity and we are well aware of the ways and means to do it. On behalf of the ranks and files of Pakistan Army, I assure the people of Pakistan that we are always ready and will never hesitate in rendering any and every sacrifice necessary for the defense of our sacred motherland. As proud soldiers of Pakistan Army, we can neither be intimidated nor overawed by mere superiority in number and weapons or equipment and we firmly anchor our reliance in the promise of Allah:

(A small force vanquished a mighty army by the will of Allah)
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Let me highlight that a significant effort is being made by our adversaries to affect state and societal cohesion through multiple efforts. As professional officers, you will be armed and trained to fight against visible enemies; however, I am particularly concerned about information warfare unleashed from within, across the borders and beyond; through self-awareness, you will have to delineate the blurring lines between perceptions and reality. However, despite all odds, Pakistan Army is amongst the few in history, which has salvaged peace from the jaws of terrorism through the rightful efforts of the successive governments and the people of Pakistan. We have defeated organized terrorism as an existential threat, but we are yet to overcome the scourge fully. There is absolutely no space for the spoilers of our great struggle. Being a strong and proud sovereign nation, we are alive to the internal and external threats and will never let any attempts of causing instability or acts of terrorism to permeate in our society.
Pakistan and its Armed Forces stand resolute to mitigate the challenges of today and tomorrow. Together with the support of this great nation, we want to signal our enemies within and beyond, that the Armed Forces of Pakistan will never shy away from any sacrifice to stabilize, secure and safeguard the future of our next generations. Our message to those who know us well and even to those who don't, that resolve and resilience remain the most significant attributes of our national fiber. We shall never be surprised and will do what all it takes to keep the internal and external threats at bay.
Remember, people are central to the unity of the state and our future as well as all progress depends on internal cohesion, democracy and constitutionalism. Our enemies are hell-bent upon driving a wedge between our people and Armed Forces for their ulterior motives. We will ensure that this bond is preserved and further solidified through selfless performance of the duties entrusted to us within the confines of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Stability, security and peace in Afghanistan remains fundamental to our security. Pakistan’s efforts to initiate and continuously support the peace process in Afghanistan have been a manifestation of our desire of a peaceful, economically integrated and a prosperous region.
No country in the world has been as hospitable to the Afghan brethren as Pakistan and we, for the past four decades, have hosted almost five million Afghan refugees. The Pakistani nation has paid hugely in blood, toil and treasure and earnestly seek enduring peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Most importantly, let me highlight the plight of our Kashmiri brethren in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, who are subjected to brutal state oppression under one of the heaviest military deployments in the world. Pakistan firmly stands with its Kashmiri brethren in their historic struggle for basic human rights and their legitimate quest for the right to self-determination, as per the aspirations of the people of Kashmir and the resolutions of United Nations Security Council (UNSC).
The international community must realize that without a just and peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue, regional peace will forever remain elusive. The plight of innocent Kashmiris being subjugated through blatant Indian state oppression must end. Pakistan stands firmly with the indigenous struggle for freedom by the courageous Kashmiris, who have endured state oppression for decades and we will continue to provide political, moral and diplomatic support to our Kashmiri brothers.
Dear Cadets!
In the end, I once again extend profound compliments to the courses being commissioned. I wish you all success in military career and a prosperous future in your personal and family lives.
May Allah grant you the courage and wisdom to fulfill your responsibilities in a manner befitting your role and reputation (Ameen).
Pakistan Army zindabad,
Pakistan paindabad!


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