Pakistan Army Conducts Various Training Exercises to Enhance Operational and Combat Readiness

Pakistan Army Alive to Emerging Challenges and Regional Threats


▪ COAS observed integrated training of the Strike Formation in Gujranwala 
▪ Burraq Combat Skills Training Complex inaugurated by COAS 
▪ Commander Lahore Corps witnessed training near Lahore Garrison 
▪ Commander Karachi Corps witnessed training at Salahpat and Rahim Yar Khan
▪ COAS, Commander Mangla Corps witnessed demonstration of MBT VT-4 

COAS visited Gujranwala on September 16, 2020 where he was briefed about operational training and administrative matters of the Central Command Formations. Later COAS inaugurated Burraq Combat Skills Training Complex, which is aimed at enhancing mechanized elements’ crew proficiency in overcoming obstacles encountered during offensive operations.
COAS went on to observe integrated training of the strike formation. All elements including armoured, artillery, engineers and mechanized infantry demonstrated operational combat readiness. The operational readiness of the Strike Formation and the troops’ high morale were highly appreciated by COAS. 

On September 11, 2020 Commander Lahore Corps Lieutenant General Majid Ehsan witnessed training of troops near Lahore Garrison where he was given a detailed briefing on the conduct of training. Commander Lahore Corps commended the standard of operational preparedness of troops and emphasized on maintaining a high state of readiness.

On September 25, 2020 Army troops conducted training exercise in Salahpat and Rahim Yar Khan. Commander Karachi Corps Lieutenant General Humayun Aziz witnessed the training exercise. The field exercise was meant to enhance the professional competence, operational readiness and combat skills of troops.

In Salahpat the troops from Panu Aqil Garrison participated. The Corps Commander lauded the efforts and training standards of the troops.

In Rahim Yar Khan the troops from Malir Garrison participated. 
Corps Commander emphasized on continuous enhancement of operational preparedness.

On September 22, 2020 COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited Field Firing Ranges near Jhelum to witness demonstration of state-of-the-art, Chinese origin third generation Main Battle Tank VT-4. This potent war-fighting machine will be employed in offensive role by strike formations after induction. VT-4 is compatible with any modern tank in the world integrating advanced armour protection, maneuverability, firepower capabilities and modern technology.


Interacting with the officers and men, COAS expressed satisfaction over demonstrated performance of Tank VT-4, another addition to the inventory of Armoured Corps after the recent induction of indigenously produced Al-Khalid-1 Tank. It has further strengthened Pakistan's overall defence capability to thwart enemy designs. COAS said, “Pakistan Army is alive to emerging challenges and regional threats. We are completely focused towards internal and external challenges to defence of country and prepared with matching response against all threats to sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Pakistan.” 

COAS lauded the troops for their professionalism, operational readiness and highest training standards to meet the challenges of modern-day battlefield requirements. 
Earlier, Corps Commander Mangla, Lieutenant General Shaheen Mazhar Mehmood received COAS at Tilla Field Firing Ranges.

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