September Special

Of Unknown Heroes!

Major Abdul Wahid Danish Shaheed, TBt (The story of an ISI Officer who embraced Shahadat while valiantly fighting against the Terrorists)

On a pleasant afternoon of October 1997 at Jhelum, a Tonga entered from the main gate of 46 Supply and Transport (S&T) Battalion and stopped in front of the unit office area. A tall handsome young man with thick moustaches dismounted with a typical black military trunk. Most awaited, second parental officer of the unit, Second Lieutenant Abdul Wahid Danish, had arrived. All the officers of the unit including myself received him. It was beginning of the journey that concluded with his Shahadat on 7 February 2014. He was an upright, straight uh2forward and clear headed officer with abundant courtesy. His conduct and approach towards the profession was quoted as an example to the young officers. With a sober sense of humor, his light jokes would always make us laugh. The battalion was desperately waiting for Maj Danish to take over the responsibilities as next Commanding Officer being parental officer, as he was being considered in Promotion Board-2014. We both spoke to each other on 7 February 2014 at 1445 hours to know about his willingness to assume command of the unit. Calm and contended as he was, “Sir, as Allah wills,” he replied. I tried to convince him to give preference to his parent unit. He promised to call me at night or the next morning. I had no clue that morning would never come. Next afternoon I received a phone call, not from Danish but about Danish. I could not believe, he was fighting for his life in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in Lahore. To my luck, I was in Rawalpindi and went to see him with all the hopes and prayers. All his memories flashed back while crossing Jhelum, my lips moving faster, praying to Allah for his life. As I reached the hospital in Lahore, I saw Maj Danish lying straight, unconscious. The flowers outside his room, the people visiting him and all well-wishers were praying for his long life. Seeing the pain in the eyes of his mother, brothers and family, I recalled his association with his family. Maj Danish was a responsible son, supportive brother, affectionate father and a uh3caring husband. His day would start in a routine with light mood, his daughter Ayesha normally patting his back and giggling. Overflowed with love, Danish would tell his wife, “My day has begun.” There were days in routine when his family found lunch awaiting for them ordered by Danish. When asked by his wife, the caring reply would be, “I thought you should relax today.” On the fateful day of his Shahadat, his wife asked him about his well being as a routine at about 1745 hours and his reply was, “All OK. Pray for my success. Allah Hafiz.” It was last conversation between the husband and wife. Allah had decided a higher pedestal for him and a test of endurance for the family. Danish had carried out many successful operations during his two years tenure in ISI and had given serious blows to the anti-state elements, and saved many lives. Few days before his Shahadat, he was working on few elements closely linked with the terrorists. In order to nab them and their masters, he encircled the terrorists in surroundings of Khanewal on 7 February 2014. While he was trying to arrest them, he was hit by a bullet in the head at a point blank range. Major Danish fell on ground and the terrorist tried to run away. The cover force deployed by Major Danish followed the terrorist, who ultimately blew himself up before being arrested. During the encounter, one extremist was killed while the third one was apprehended. Major Danish was given first aid treatment in District Headquarters Hospital Vihari and was evacuated in a helicopter to CMH, Lahore. He was in a state of comma and was operated immediately, however doctors declared next 48 hours very crucial for him. After two days, he gave few positive signs and breathed for 50 seconds without ventilator. Next day he moved his head and foot when a wet cloth was put on his eyes. In the similar struggle to recover, his health kept deterioriating while doctors declared his brain clinically dead. All were waiting and praying for a miracle to happen but Allah had planned an eternal life for him in Heavens. He left us at 2055 hours on 16 February 2014 for the highest award. Major Danish had saved Punjab from yet another tragic incident by laying his life. He was different and unique. He lived like an example to be quoted and gave his life for Pakistan. He is the hero of entire nation. May Allah be with his family and his son Awaiz and daughter Ayesha. In recognition of his services for the country, President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan conferred him ‘Tamagh-i-Bisalat’ posthumously on 23 March 2014.

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